How The Neptune Retrograde And Summer Solstice Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Until November 2019

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How Neptune and the Summer Solstice Will Affect Our Relationships For The Next Three Months
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We can’t rush a process that we’re meant to experience.

On June 21st, Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces. Neptune is the planet that governs dreams, illusions, spirituality and unconditional love, and as he turns retrograde, we will also celebrate the Summer Solstice under a Cancerean sky.

Neptune turns retrograde each year for approximately 160 days, and while his effects on us are not as dramatic as those planets closer to the Sun, it still heralds an important time for each of us. This retrograde will last until November 27th, with the Solstice energy lasting until September 23rd, which means autumn will be a significant time of results.

But for now, the zodiac signs are meant to simply watch things grow. And that means in terms of relationships and love horoscopes as well.

There is a lot to be said about the relationship between Neptune and the Summer Solstice. Occurring usually in sync each year, they help bring about truth and patience within ourselves and our relationships.

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Neptune seems to be one that induces us to wear rose-colored glasses; however, that always changes once this planet turns retrograde. Retrograde motion really means that we slow down, we reflect on events that have already occurred, and the feelings we believed we already felt. It’s a time when we’re not necessarily beginning something new with another person, but starting a new chapter within an existing area or relationship in our lives.

Currently, Neptune is retrograde in Pisces, which is emphasizing the already existing qualities of this water planet. Elementally, water is deep, unseen territory, unpredictable and, like fire, necessary, but too much can destroy. Pisces is a sign that is known as being incredibly empathetic, feeling, intuitive and loving. Yet Pisces also sometimes tends to think the best of certain situations or people that don’t necessarily deserve it.

Sometimes we all get caught up in what we wished was true. Not even because we think the best of a situation, or because we can’t see the truth; rather, because we don’t want to. Sometimes it’s just easier to overlook what is actually happening if it interrupts our dreams.

But Neptune, while an encourager of dreams and fantasies, also destroys the illusions that hold us back. In Pisces, these realizations and truths have been incredibly heart-centered, not just dealing with love, but those inner hopes and dreams we have for our future.

Each of us has a picture inside of our heads that we’re constantly painting depending upon different situations. Sometimes we paint happy stories, sometimes we paint worse-case scenarios because we’re afraid of being hurt. One is not better or more preferable than the other, just different ways we tend to sabotage ourselves. The one reality they share is that life will never look like a picture in our heads.

Perhaps it will be far better than we could imagine, or so different it seems impossible to achieve. But ultimately, it’s futile to plan because life will always invariably go different.

A big part of our pictures and the surrender to the universal energies is making a commitment to live a life of truth. When we think about truth, it comes up in the form of whether or not we lie. And while that is part of speaking our truth, living it is rooted much more deeply.

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To live our truth means we are presenting our true selves to the world. It means we aren’t just speaking our truth, but we’re actively manifesting the alignment of our physical life with the words we speak and the thoughts we think.

Living our truth means that we’re not hiding from ourselves or pretending; it means we’re being honest with ourselves about our limitations and dreams. It means we’re living a life where we don’t have to fear the ground falling out beneath us because it’s built on a solid foundation.

Neptune as a watery planet craves the polarity of foundation and stability, so in retrograde motion this becomes its focus. That means the same is true for us. While Neptune retrograde is important, it is a slow process that is also mirrored within the spiritual significance of the Summer Solstice.

Right now, as we celebrate the longest day of the year and the beginning of the summer months, we are in a state of waiting but living. In the natural world, fruits are still blossoming and unripe on the vine, so while we can see them, we can’t actually enjoy the sweetness that they would bring to our lips.

We must wait. Be patient and make the most of the summer knowing that we can’t rush the process of nature.

The same is true for our retrograde time period. We can’t rush what will be brought to light within the next few months, we can’t rush the process that we’re going to have to experience and the lessons we’re meant to learn. Like the Solstice, all we can do is simply live, patiently knowing and trusting that everything always occurs and comes to us in perfect divine timing.

While we can’t rush the fruits of the summer or this retrograde, we can begin it on a positive receptive note.

The Summer Solstice is a time to release the pains of winter and spring, to let go of the darkness we’ve felt the weight of, and to burn anything that no longer resonates. This is an eve to have a bonfire outside, to write down what we want to let go of, what we want to acknowledge, the truth that has been begged to be spoken, and to free ourselves from the cycle of the past six months.

We know things don’t stay the same forever, we know that everything has its own season, and for us it’s about freeing ourselves from thinking we need to rush through the very act of living. Life shows us exactly what we’re meant to see, what we’re meant to learn and even experience. So sometimes, it’s not about making things happen, but in simply allowing them to occur.

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