What The June 3rd New Moon In Gemini Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships

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How the New Moon in Gemini Will Bring Big Life Changes to All Signs
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On June 3rd, we will experience the new moon in Gemini, which will usher in a completely new chapter for us, bringing opportunities that will not be repeated again. For our zodiac signs and love horoscopes, it's the welcome change we need.

In astrology, new moons are often those that initiate a beginning in our own lives. It’s the time to plant seeds and to start a new project, career, mindset or even relationship. New moons illuminate a path in the darkness, a journey of the soul where we’re not always meant to know where we’re heading or why; it's about trusting, even when we can’t see.

This lunation echoes back to that of November 2018, so we might revisit an issue or feeling that was present around this time, but in a brand new way.

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Life moves in cycles, and even those who reject astrology can’t deny the cycles that are present in their own lives. While Uranus is famous for establishing the seven-year cycle for our lives, the moon often dictates six-month cycles for more immediate issues and situations we go through.

There is no one astrological event that determines anything, but rather, it’s built upon. And depending what other planets or signs are in the mix, we are then affected differently.  

This new moon is going to call back in 2018, not necessarily in an unpleasant way, but because we’re meant to get a fresh start or new chapter. The last Gemini full moon was November 23rd, and around this time we were just coming off the horrendous Venus retrograde that upset many relationships.

Perhaps we ended a relationship or were working through the relationship we have with ourself; maybe we were given an important choice, as Gemini is famous for. But not six months later, we want to rewind and choose the other option.  

Whatever we were going through, it’s important for us to reflect on it during this new moon in Gemini, because it will give us insight as to what this lunation means for us personally.

Right now, the energy surrounding this full moon is geared towards finally getting things right, like the long journey of a warrior, or the summit to the peak of a mountain. There is an energy that is cumulating around this moon that feels like something is coming together that has been in the works for a long time.  

Partially to blame for that is the fixed star Aldebaran, one that represents Archangel Michael, the cosmic warrior who is seen as being the closest to God or Spirit. During this moon, we are going to be filled with that archangel energy of courage, optimism, and the drive to not quit, no matter how hard things get.

This may mean that we’re ready and feeling prepared to revisit old ground, and go back over what is likely to come back up from November 2018.

As God or Spirit is often symbolized as the truth, so we can expect there to be a great deal of light shed upon ours during this time as well. In many ways, this new moon in Gemini will bring back something that was occurring during the full moon in November, but with a newfound truth or perspective.

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Perhaps we needed a six-month journey to get to our truth, or to return to our true spirit. And sometimes we just need to choose the wrong path before we’re even aware of what the right one is.  

Also involved with this moon is Venus and Pluto, which will likely intensify any significant relationship or connection. There also may be a component of secrets as well, which Pluto will reveal, even dealing with something that occurred last November as well. For those relationships that start around this time, they are likely to be incredibly intense and would benefit our lives in multiple ways.  

We also have Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in the mix, with a few different aspects that will bring about abundance, good luck and commitment, not just in relationships but also to that aspect of personal truth that Archangel Michael will be bringing in. But Neptune is here too, and while it means we’re going to be able to make our dreams a reality with greater ease, it also means we will see a situation differently, again echoing back to November. 

Ultimately, we have to own our decisions and choices, and understand that the only guarantee in life is that we will change; the only variable is whether we will grow closer or further away from who we are and from our truth.

Gemini’s full moon of last year represented an entirely different phase of our life, one that we weren’t even aware of in that moment. That's because we didn’t have the space and knowledge to understand its true purpose.  

Gemini is an air sign, one that rules the mind and is responsible for active thought patterns and stimulating conversation. Because of this cerebral energy, we will be thinking more and won’t be censoring those thoughts. Gemini enjoys exploring the options, but also perspective; yes, they change their minds, but they don’t usually do so frivolously, only when the situation really warrants it.  

Heading into this new moon, it’s good to meditate on what was occurring around the end of last November. Think about the dialogues, situations, feelings, and especially mindsets, and then let yourself reflect on what has changed since then.

Consider how you have grown and if the choices you made last year were based from love, or from fear. As we grow and learn, we can understand the difference between what it means to make decisions and choices from wounding versus healing, love versus fear, and because of that, in moments such as this Gemini new moon, we get to choose differently. We get to choose love. 

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