What The April 2nd Mercury-Neptune Conjunction Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships

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How the Mercury Neptune Conjunction will bring us new beginnings in our relationships
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The truth is sometimes we already know.

On April 2nd, we will experience Mercury conjunct Neptune — with Mercury in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces, as well. This will be our third and final Mercury-Neptune conjunction of the year and will help us tune into our inner knowing, moving forward in a new direction.

But for our zodiac signs and love horoscopes, what can we expect from this transit? Well, in astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication and Neptune is the planet of dreams, so when these two team up it’s about getting to the heart of the matter and talking about it with our partner. Howver, in this case it’s also going to help us shed some light on our heart.

The next conjunction is next year in April 2020, so what comes up for us is going to be something we’re going to be focusing on for most of the year.

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While sometimes we think of these long-lasting energies as being negative, it’s about what happens when we bring Mercury and Neptune together in Pisces. All of us won’t just feel that positive affect within our relationships, but within ourselves.

Conjunctions aren’t all that rare, but having three within one year is. In fact, the next five years only one Mercury-Neptune conjunction will occur, and even in 2025 we still only will see two occurring. When we see something that isn’t common, it’s the stars asking us to pay attention to something.

While we see Mercury go retrograde three times a year, a transit that usually only occurs once yet has occurred three times within less than a two-month period, it means something.  

The first conjunction occurred on the 19th of February, just a few days after Mercury entered its shadow phase, and we were inducted into a phase or a moment in which we were going to be changed when we exited. Many of us were still clinging to the old ways that we approached our relationships or even ex. Maybe we even still wanted our ex back.

A few weeks after that, Mercury turned retrograde and took us through the deep dreams of Pisces, where we were asked to face everything we had hoped we could actually forget. We were challenged with what we thought of ourselves and the place we had within our relationships. What we wanted seemed to change overnight, and in some cases relationships we had thought were everything turned out to be very little.

We were shown where we still needed to grow, and the universe delivered us situations in which we were tested with just that.

It was a timeout tune-in period where we were asked to focus on what was important, sometimes ignoring what we previously thought. Yet around the third week or so of the retrograde and cazimi, when Mercury passed through the heart of the sun and began a new cycle, we saw a light.

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We had a moment in which we were shown why we had to go through what we did, why we had to spend so much time thinking things over and doing all of the work to heal. It was our light, a chance within the darkness of Mercury to walk our talk, speak our truth to a prospective new love, get honest with a partner, or have a moment of clarity with our own selves.  

Since then, even though Mercury has still been retrograde and we likely have seen some superficial disturbances by the trickster planet, we’ve felt lighter. It wasn’t just that we could see an end to this retrograde, but whatever cycles or patterns of thinking (Mercury) we had back in February was now gone. We felt different, we saw things differently, and we were ready to take those steps to act upon our dreams (Neptune).  

Now, our final conjunction occurs at the beginning of April just a few days shy of Mercury leaving the shadow zone for good, and our new moon in Aries signifying that it’s a time for big beginnings. It’s a time for us to leave the safety that Mercury retrograde provided and start acting upon everything we have been thinking, and those lessons we now know we’ve officially learned.

As we’ve seen more Aries energy be introduced, we’ve felt a gradual shift from thinking about things in the energy of Pisces, to that of the ram who wants to just go ahead at full speed.

It will be a balance, but who we are now as this third and final conjunction occurs is not the same person as we were back in February, and we very much are becoming used to what this year will be about, and what that means for the people we are. 

For many of us, we have gained a great deal of clarity about the relationships we’ve been in or even thinking of entering, and it’s important to understand that while we may be afraid of repeating our mistakes, it’s impossible to repeat the past as long as we’ve learned from it.

And the truth we’ll start to see is that we knew all of this. We knew who was good for us and who wasn’t. We knew who we were and what we wanted, but we let so much interfere with that. We let other people make us doubt or even forget ourselves, so instead of learning new information, these series of conjunctions were about putting us in touch with who we are, even if we forgot who that was for a while.  

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