What The Venus-Mars Square Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships For The Rest Of 2019

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How Venus is going to Bring out the Truth in Our Relationships
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Whatever is held inside will eventually come to the surface.

There are two powerful Venus transits in astrology occurring on March 21st, affecting how we express ourselves and what we need from our partners that could be responsible for some big changes and pretty amazing moments. What more could your zodiac signs ask for in terms of their love horoscope and relationships?

The first transit is Venus square Mars — with Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus. This is the aspect that will likely cause some tension, and with it, truths will be revealed. However, occurring on the same day, we have Venus sextile Jupiter — with Venus in Aquarius as well, and Jupiter in Sagittarius. The second transit will be the one responsible for us being able to experience love, close our eyes and jump into something new if the opportunity arises.

This is the only Venus-Mars square for the remainder of the year, and the next Venus-Jupiter sextile isn’t until autumn. The energies that surround this day will be very strong, especially with whatever the square sheds light on. It may linger around for most of this year.

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Venus is the planet that rules love, money and our aesthetic environment. Venus likes things beautiful, likes to love, and the goddess for which she’s named would prefer to sit around eating grapes and being ravaged than actually working for anything. But this isn’t how love works and it’s definitely not how relationships work.

Sometimes certain signs are more difficult for Venus, Aquarius being one of them. That's because it's a more emotionally detached sign and often more independent than the goddess would prefer. So, it’s harder to get in touch with those warm and squishy feelings when Aquarius is hanging around, content to blow off when things get too hard.

This means that during the time Venus has been in Aquarius, we’ve all likely approached love and relationships differently. We might have been craving more independence with our partners, or maybe were not needing or wanting to get into a committed relationship. We might have had fears around intimacy arise, but we also likely have done a lot of healing.

These Venus transits are the goddess of love's last hurrah before moving into romantic and sentimental Pisces. And yes, that means we’ll be moving way into our feelings. But before that, we need to figure something out and we need to see that whatever is present within a relationship will eventually come out.

Venus in Aquarius square Mars in Taurus is an interesting aspect because it represents the feminine opposing the masculine, and in signs they aren’t necessarily comfortable in. In astrology, a square is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another, creating a stressful or tense aspect. So, while Venus is feeling more independent and detached, Mars is feeling less ambitious, waiting to see what will happen, and it will be causing greater friction within our relationships.

This transit between Venus and Mars usually always signifies that there will be tension between ourselves and our partner because a square often brings things to a head. But it’s almost as if people have been acting as themselves or even being allowed to in certain cases.

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Perhaps we have doubted our truth, so we changed who we were in order to attempt to make a relationship work. We may have also been told by partners that if we do something or behave in a certain way, they may leave us.

These are absolutes and untruths; they aren’t our authentic nature. In many ways, being detached or patient isn’t Venus and Mars. So, this is where the work comes in where we have to be cautious about what we are putting into and getting from our relationships. Are we expressing frustration or anger because that is how we are feeling? Or, are we radiating love and acceptance because those are the values within our connection?

This is a one-day transit, but specifically for the square between Venus and Mars, it’s the only one we will see all year. In astrology, whenever a transit is occurring only once during a calendar year, we know we are being asked to pay attention.

This is not always the case. For example, these two planets will square three times in 2020. There’s something big here that we are being asked to pay attention to, and it likely must be with the balance in our relationships between the masculine and feminine. It's who we authentically are versus who we are presenting ourselves as.

It’s not all bad news though, because occurring on the same day we have Venus, still in Aquarius, but this time it's creating a sextile with Jupiter. A sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another and create a more harmonious and beneficial aspect, which is perfect because Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance.

While Venus in Aquarius is still feeling a bit detached, Jupiter in Sagittarius is hopeful, optimistic, and looking at the big picture. Jupiter loves being in Sagittarius; he’s at home here and wants to not just help us create these amazing lives we’ve been dreaming of, but also that big love.  

Jupiter in Sagittarius believes in that equal partnership that inspires and motivates us, because that is what we are bringing into the connection. This transit is about love being even better than we had imagined — not because we were dreaming too little but because we didn’t settle for less.

A sextile often rewards us for the hard work we’ve put in, so it will be paying off. Because while there are always difficulties in life, love doesn’t have to be one of them.

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