What Uranus Moving Into Taurus Horoscope Means For Your Love Life And Relationships Until 2026

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Uranus Moves into Taurus and It’s Time We Said Goodbye to The Past
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Change happens, whether we want it to or not.

On March 6th, Uranus, the great awakener, moves into Taurus until 2026, marking a new era in our lives, and with it, the time to say goodbye to life as we have known it. But when Uranus moves into Taurus, what can our zodiac signs expect in terms of our relationships, love horoscopes, and overall well-being?

Well, Uranian changes in astrology aren’t always welcome at first, especially because sometimes this planet takes aim at an area in our lives we wished he wouldn’t. But in retrospect, we can always see that it was necessary.

We will be moving from Aries energy to that of the bull, which may take some time to adjust to, or perhaps will force itself upon us so we have no other choice. While many transits and aspects in astrology are quick moving, this one is not.

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Uranus first moved into Taurus last spring, but through his retrograde he back peddled into Aries only to finally move into Taurus this week, where he will stay for the next seven years. This is an energy that will be staying with us for quite some time and will provide exactly the kind of change that we’ve been seeking.  

Uranus is known as the planet of shock and awe, or the great awakener. Uranus comes in when we least suspect it, when we have made plans, and he usually seemingly destroys what we feel we worked so hard for. Uranus is a tough planet, but he is also known for being the creator. Above all other planets, Uranus is in touch with the divine, with the energy of the universe, and that means that whatever he touches he does so for a greater purpose.  

In Aries, Uranus was action-packed, looking at big changes and taking what he felt was deserved. There was an aggression and fast-paced energy about it that inspired us to get up and move. It’s likely that looking back we can see how very different our lives were back in 2012. What fell apart during that time, we can see now had to occur for us to grow into the people we feel ourselves becoming.

Not all marriages are meant to last, not all relationships are forever. And sometimes the life we thought we were meant to live is not the one that is divined for us. So, here comes Taurus.

This is the sign of the bull, so while he may be just as passionate as Aries, he’s also got a lot more patience. Taurus isn’t going to rush this time. He’s not going to push his own agenda or push forward irrationally. There will still be changes, but it will be more grounded, real, and even positive to a degree.

While Aries prefers to burn everything to the ground triumphantly and worry about picking up the pieces later, Taurus will make those changes but will do so more subtly. While this sign does have their own unique pace about them, it doesn’t mean that anything that occurs will be done slowly; it just means that we’re going to have a reason why we make the choices we do.

We’re going to feel more confident. And it’s not that we need to tear anything apart, but simply start building from the ground up. Taurus rules the earth, money, and is also the ruling sign of Venus, the planet of love, while Uranus brings great change. We can expect many changes over the course of the next seven years, including a change in how we think about the environment and physical world.

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We likely will be drawn to make continuous lifestyle changes both through the foods we eat as well as the steps we take to ensure we’re doing our part to curb the amount of plastics going into the sea. We could be drawn more into nature, the natural world, and reconnect with the earth.  

Yet this earthliness will also change how we relate to love and beauty. Taurus is the ruling sign for Venus, which governs love, beauty and money. But this aspect isn’t about the glitz or the fame; it’s not about the jewels or even plastic surgery,

Uranus in Taurus is going to make us appreciate what is most natural. This could mean that we will see a true return to the appreciation of natural beauty, not just using natural-looking makeup. We also will feel this as a self-love for ourselves as we learn what it means to love the person we are.  

But, perhaps most of all, this transit really will change how we approach our relationships, commitment and love.

Uranus in Aries made us race ahead in our relationships. We took the fast-track to self-fulfillment and likely pushed ahead even when we weren’t sure what we were pushing towards. All of that will begin to change as we feel the temperance of Taurus and knowing that we will never have to rush what is meant for us.

Romantic relationships will become more genuine, honest and trustworthy; we will value realness above other qualities, and attention will not be focusing on the superficial but rather the meaningful. However, this changes what we expect in terms of commitment.

Because we are looking at the genuineness of the relationship, the traditional aspect of engagements or weddings may seem superfluous. Instead, we might opt for living together or even elopements on a secret getaway.  

The biggest change is that while Aries likes to create quite the show, Taurus is more concerned about what is being felt. We will value the relationships that inspire us and cherish the people who feel real, no matter how hard things may get.

Uranus in Taurus will be bringing some surprising changes, likely as far as partners go, and if the past seven years were about taking things apart, the next seven is about bringing them together. We can’t predict where Uranus will strike us over the next seven years, but it is certain that it will be for the best and that change, especially Uranian change, will always happen, whether we want it to or not.

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