How The February 3rd Mercury-Jupiter Sextile Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships In The Next Few Months

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How the Jupiter Sextile Affects Our Relationships this Week
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The plans we make determine the route we take.

On February 3rd, Mercury in Aquarius will sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius, helping us to learn what it means to plan and open up our lives by inviting in the unexpected. But as far as our love horoscope goes, just how will our zodiac signs be impacted by this transit?

In astrology, a sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another and form a soft aspect, encouraging cooperation and learning. Sextiles are often associated with opportunities as well.

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While this transit is just a one-day event, because of the nature of sextiles it’s likely this transit will initiate a new phase of being or living in our lives, lasting possibly until the next series of eclipses this coming summer.

Sextiles are interesting aspects because, in some ways, they are overlooked; they are considered soft or easy, meaning they are likely to not cause a disruption in the same ways that a square would. However, it doesn’t mean that we will be able to just sit back in complacency either.

A sextile brings out the best of both planets, and in this case we have Mercury, the planet of communication, thought processes and ideas, in openminded Aquarius, combining with Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, in Sagittarius, a free-spirited and wandering sign. This combination is bringing abundance to our ideas, to our plans, and what we want for ourselves in the longer scheme of things.

However, there’s been a feeling emerging of late that feels different for many of us; it’s the idea that perhaps we want to have an "unplan" when it comes to our lives. We’re tired of thinking we know best, tired of trying so hard, and just exhausted from making a round peg fit in a square hole.

It’s a new energy that has been working its way in since the start of January. It's this idea that we were all wrong when it came to how we expected our life to go, and that maybe if we just let go we’ll not only end up where we are supposed to but we’ll also be pleasantly surprised.

For some of us it’s been a struggle; we haven’t wanted to let go of the way that things were out of fear of what would happen if we did, so during the past month, we tried desperately to have the life we thought we should. Yet, all the while, no matter how much we tried or even how we convinced ourselves, we couldn’t make it feel like it fit.  

During last year, many of us had wounds exposed through relationships that called themselves lessons; some of us hung on to comfort, and others were brave enough to have that new start. But the thing is that we learn things when we’re meant to, and we also reach that point of having enough when we’re meant to as well.

So for those that were meant to experience this life change but hung on, it’s likely that we felt a resolution around the time of the lunar eclipse in January. This felt like the start of a new year, and suddenly, letting go became the easiest feeling in the world.

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Since then we’ve been more open to life, even if it’s unconsciously, and part of that is due to Mercury in Aquarius. The planet of communication in Aquarius is looking for a different way, a smarter way, and doesn’t mind being a rebel but actually delights in it. Mercury in Aquarius is finding their own way, their own path, and if it deviates from the norm or goes against the expectations of others, even better.

Because we’re tuning into the truth of our soul, we’re also able to better connect to the direction our soul really wants to go in, and it’s likely that it’s an option we had never before considered.  

Many times we feel restricted or struggle because we’re trying to go against what is trying to naturally manifest. The job becomes more difficult, the relationship is strained, we feel badly about ourselves — all these feelings and situations usually occur when we don’t let go of how we had thought life would go but instead hang on too hard.

Mercury in Aquarius doesn’t care about hanging on; he doesn’t care about plans and prefers to go with the flow. Mercury in Aquarius doesn’t struggle with how things are but accepts and trust; he looks forward to what will come, knowing that when we give up our control is when the magic happens.

Together with Jupiter in Sagittarius, it’s safe to let go. Perhaps our lives were meant to go in a different direction and the sooner we embrace our free spirits and rebellious ways, we can experience greater abundance in our lives.  

One important factor to Mercury sextile Jupiter is that it is asking us to put some work in, which may be to trust that even though things are uncertain and vastly different from how we thought they would go, it is exactly what is meant to happen. It could also mean that it’s going to take effort to let go of that job that is draining us or that relationship that just isn’t working.

Instead of just jumping to band-aid the situation, we’re being asked to focus on ourselves, to make our own selves happy, and trust that we will experience whatever we’re meant to along the way. Because sometimes, it takes letting go of a plan to see the way through. Sometimes we just need to enjoy wherever life brings us, even if we would have never expected it.

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