Who Is Aurora Perrineau? Details About Why Lena Dunham Wrote Her An Open Apology

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Who Is Aurora Perrineau? Details About Her Murray Miller Sexual Assault Allegations And Lena Dunham’s Apology
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Dunham has come forward with an open apology to Perrineau.

Who is Aurora Perrineau? The actress is the recipient of a new Lena Dunham apology letter published in The Hollywood Reporter.

In 2017 during the heat of the #MeToo movement, Perrineau, now 24, came forward to accuse Girls writer Murray Miller of sexual assault. Unfortunately, as happened to many of the “silence breakers,” Perrineau faced backlash for her decision to file a report against Miller.

Among those who accused Perrineau of lying about her allegations were Girls co-showrunners and self-proclaimed feminists Dunham and Jenni Konner.

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Now, Dunham has come forward with an open apology to Perrineau. Here’s what we know about Perrineau’s accusations against Miller and the details about Dunham’s apology letter.

1. Perrineau accused Miller of rape

In November 2017, Perrineau filed a formal police report accusing Miller of sexual assault. According to The Wrap, the alleged assault occurred when Perrineau was underage, only 17, and Miller was 35.

According to Perrineau’s polygraph statement, she and Miller met at a hotel bar where she admitted she “consumed some alcoholic beverages.” Perrineau explained that Miller flirted with her despite her revealing her young age. She claimed she and her friends gave Miller a ride home.

“At some point, I woke up in Murray’s bed naked. He was on top of me having sexual intercourse with me. At no time did I consent to any sexual contact with Murray,” Perrineau said.

The Wrap reported that explored charging Miller with either rape or statutory rape.

2. Dunham defended Miller

Dunham is known for calling herself a feminist, even creating a now-defunct feminist newsletter and reminiscing about how she once tried to be the “most feminist” woman. In August 2017, just a couple months before Perrineau came forward, Dunham tweeted support for rape victims.

However, after Perrineau’s accusations went public, Dunham released a statement to THR supporting Miller.

“During the windfall of deeply necessary accusations over the last few months in Hollywood, we have been thrilled to see so many women's voices heard and dark experiences in this industry justified. It's a hugely important time of change and, like every feminist in Hollywood and beyond, we celebrate,” Dunham wrote alongside Konner.

“But during every time of change there are also incidences of the culture, in its enthusiasm and zeal, taking down the wrong targets. We believe, having worked closely with him for more than half a decade, that this is the case with Murray Miller.”

The statement went on to claim that Perrineau’s accusations were “one of the 3 percent of assault cases that are misreported every year.”

Dunham quickly backtracked on Twitter, releasing an apology — one that didn’t name Perrineau directly.

“Every woman who comes forward deserves to be heard,” she wrote. “And our relationship to the accused should not be part of the calculation anyone makes when examining her case.”

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3. Miller was never charged

Miller denied the allegations against him, and his lawyer released a statement claiming Perrineau and her lawyers “sought substantial monetary damages from him.” The statement claimed she only went public with her accusations “after her demands for money were rebuffed.”

According to The Wrap, though police did investigate, they were unable to charge Miller with statutory rape since it was outside of the statute of limitations. As for a rape charge, prosecutors decided not to prosecute as there were “inconsistencies and the delay in reporting.”

“There’s never been an inconsistency in regards to Aurora’s statements and her recitation of the facts about what happened,” Perrineau’s lawyer said. “All I can maintain is what my client has maintained from the very beginning. There was no issue as to Aurora’s credibility.”

4. Dunham published an open apology to Perrineau

More than a full year after Perrineau’s accusations went public, Dunham took to THR to apologize to the actress for her statements.

“I made a terrible mistake,” Dunham wrote. “When someone I knew, someone I had loved as a brother, was accused, I did something inexcusable: I publicly spoke up in his defense.”

Dunham claimed her support was not actually the result of “insider information,” but instead, a “blind faith.”

“To Aurora: You have been on my mind and in my heart every day this year. I love you. I will always love you. I will always work to right that wrong. In that way, you have made me a better woman and a better feminist,” Dunham said, writing, “I see you, Aurora. I hear you, Aurora. I believe you, Aurora.

5. Perrineau grew up in Hollywood

Perrineau is the daughter of Harold and Brittany Perrineau, who each boast an impressive and extensive acting resume.

After Aurora’s accusations went public, Harold came out in support of his daughter and the #MeToo movement.

“What do you say when you realized you couldn’t protect your child?” he tweeted, calling his daughter a “warrior” and “real life crime fighter.”

He also directly called out Dunham, quoting her original support statement for Miller. “To all of you out there that think you can get away with your abuse, to you and all your friends with ‘insider information’ or outside influence...you have f***** with the wrong family.”

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