How Jupiter Moving Into Sagittarius On November 8th Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships Through 2019

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Jupiter begins new cycle in Sagittarius
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On November 8th, Jupiter, the planet of luck, fortune and expansion, will move into the zodiac sign of the archer, Sagittarius, for the next 13 months. This transit in astrology will change the entire landscape of our lives and, therefore, our horoscopes.

Jupiter is the planet that makes everything bigger, grander and somehow more important. In Sagittarius, it’s about life, seizing the moment, and making the most of the time we have here. Jupiter in Sagittarius begins early November and will last until the end of 2019, which means that the next year isn’t about settling at all, but exploring all the desires of our hearts.

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Jupiter has just finished his dance with Scorpio during which we all got to the bottom of some big issues; we had growth in areas of career, sexuality, relationships and even spirituality. Yet at times we wondered if this was where we’re supposed to be, if this was the bigger picture that we were supposed to be painting.

It was a year of recognizing that things were changing, of being grateful for what was occurring but still not feeling connected to what was actually happening. It felt as if many of us weren’t sure of the blessings that were arriving in our lives, and because of that we pushed things and people away.

Scorpio is dark, deep and maybe we questioned more than we should, maybe we got sidetracked by the glamorous or superficial, or even just the plain easy. Although this sign is known for its emotionality, it’s not always easy being in touch with our deepest emotions and operating from a place of such vulnerability because we leave ourselves open for heartache and pain.

Even if we haven’t actually sabotaged any relationships yet because of our insecurity or uncertainty, it doesn’t mean that we’ve actually been fostering them as well. It’s been a draining end to Jupiter’s time in Scorpio; during the past month or so we’ve all been infused with so much deep water energy that many of us didn’t feel we were able to come up and breathe. We felt trapped, let down maybe or just plain underwater.

Yet as difficult as the end to that transit was, another one is right around the corner. It will drastically change our entire lives and we won’t have to wait until the end of next year to see how.

Many times in astrology it takes some time after a transit for the results to actually be felt or known; however, in this case many of us may already be harnessing our inner Sag and starting to make more adventurous or unexpected decisions involving our life and travels. In many ways it seems that even if we were planning these big beautiful lives, we were still thinking of them on a small scale and not fully realizing what was possible.

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Sometimes what we want can keep us small because we’re only thinking about satisfying ourselves or accomplishing a goal instead of actually letting go of the control and seeing what is brought into our lives.

But that is what Sagittarius is all about. He’s the great archer, ready and poised for action to take on the world, for a grand adventure, to remain open-minded about life and to just wake up each day expecting the best, knowing the best will be brought to him.

Together with Jupiter it’s as if the planet of luck and expansion is about to get even bigger; it’s a time when Jupiter is coming home to his ruling sign for the first time in 12 years, and because of that many of us will feel like things are finally making sense. As if we finally have traveled down all the possible paths and now we know which one we are supposed to take.

Sag likes to explore his options. He likes to be sure that when he makes a choice it’s actually the right one, and while maybe it takes him longer than others to arrive at that point once he’s there, there’s also no going back.

In terms of our romantic lives, Jupiter in Sagittarius will have us looking at our relationship in a whole different light. It’s not going to be about fitting in, buying the diamond, and living happily ever after; rather, it will be about finding someone who will hold your hand as you adventure through life, experiencing as much as you can together.

Those relationships built on tradition or conventionality may suffer because Sagittarius will be inspiring us all to pursue freedom at all costs. While the relationships themselves aren’t meant to end, they may need to be restructured or shaken up so both people feel able to pursue the life of their dreams.

In other situations, those who got married because we were “supposed” to may find their relationship ending over the course of this transit as Sag makes it impossible for us to ignore the truth any longer.

While this transit is challenging news if you’ve been one to walk the line, for those who already are called crazy or wild, it might just be responsible for bringing you together with the love of your life. You may have to take a chance in order to stumble across him or her, but if you can surrender to the impetuous and carefree spirit of Jupiter in Sagittarius, there is no doubt you might just have the adventure of your life.

This transit truly is about exploring all that life has to offer, and that includes that really amazing, crazy love. It means that we’re going to have to take risks, to jump all in, to be spontaneous and to never second-guess something that makes you feel unlike anything in life ever has. It’s about taking the plunge and opening yourself up to the adventure of a lifetime. 

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