How Are Aries, Leo And Sagittarius Zodiac Fire Signs Different?

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How Are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius Zodiac Fire Signs Different?

The fires signs are arguably the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac.

It would be easy to think that each of the three fire signs in astrology are just like the other, but they are not.

Aries is a cardinal. Leo is fixed. And, Sagittarius is mutable. They each express their energy in passionate ways, but differently.

So how are the fire signs similar to one another and what are their differences?

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In the astrological world, the fire signs have always been either extremely idealized or looked at with contempt for, what others consider, their aggressive behaviors.

Fact is, they are just naturally more assertive than others and usually don’t keep their thoughts to themselves.

In astrology, it's the fire element also makes them very charged with passion- they have a zest for life that is truly unique.

But what’s most interesting is that, despite sharing some key characteristics, these three horoscope signs are actually very different from one another.

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For instance, Aries and Sagittarius are both passionate but the latter tends to intellectualize things more.

So instead of grouping these fire signs together, we should look into each of them to understand what makes them unique.

By doing so, we can get to the heart of why your Aries boyfriend sometimes doesn’t like to talk as much like the other fire signs and instead prefers to act first, think later.

Deconstructing these signs would also help you understand what triggers them to act. You could even use this information to connect with these signs better!

So, without further ado, let’s dive in to explore what makes each of the three fire zodiac signs so different from one another, but also how these horoscopes are similar, per astrology.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Since this is the first horoscope sign of the zodiac, Aries people retain a childish innocence well into their adulthood.

Coming first in the zodiac wheel also means that Aries wants to be number 1 and would probably fight you for that spot! They're natural leaders and are often at the forefront of revolutions in any field.

They rely on their instincts a lot and can flare up like the fire at the slightest provocation. But it also means that they are one of the most passionate zodiac signs.

Truly, under all that bravado lies a gentle heart with childlike wonder. They take everything at face value, so get hurt more often than the other fire signs.

Some haters might call them reckless, but if you’ve known an Aries long enough, you would know that they are the most natural people devoid of any artifice.

They usually have many admirers and can get into relationships quickly. But the ones who ultimately win their heart are lovers who can challenge them and keep them on their toes.

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

The fire element makes Leos passionate as well, but theirs is a more stable and fixed passion.

What sets them apart from the other fire zodiac signs is that they are generally more social and care deeply about what others think of them.

Their greatest need and desire is to be admired.

Some people might think that this need makes them superficial. But these people just don’t understand that Leos feel loved by mass admiration.

Most importantly, Leos can’t handle criticism well. It makes them feel devalued and degraded. So stay away from criticizing them unless you want to unleash the lion’s wrath!

Under their proud exterior, they are actually the warmest and kindest souls that just want love. In fact, Leos are comparatively easier to catch just because they are in love with love and relationships.

Unlike the other two fire horoscope signs, who might prioritize their independence more, Leos live for romance.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

The fire element awakens a hunger for knowledge and adventures in the Sagittarius. They love learning new things and actually enjoy debates.

Their enthusiasm can make them blurt out things that earn them others’ disapproval. But deep down they are very sensitive people and can get truly sad if they realize that their words have hurt someone.

Actually, they are the truth-seekers of the zodiac and in their quest to find the truth they can sometimes step on others without meaning to.

Like the other fire zodiac signs, they can feel misunderstood at times. But their ruling planet Jupiter blesses them with an optimistic spirit, which easily pulls them out of these sad spells.

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They are considered one of the hardest horoscope sign to pin down in love and relationships because they value their freedom so much. But any Sagittarius will tell you that it’s not always because they are waiting for someone better and hotter.

Sagittarius actually values commitment a lot and want to make sure that they are in the right relationship with the right person. They have emotional claustrophobia and don’t like to feel like they are stuck in a bad relationship.

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