Suspicious New Details About The Elementary School Teacher Who Has Been Missing For Three Days

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Who Is Kristin Westra? Details Maine Teacher Missing Three Days
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On the morning of Monday, Oct. 1, Jay Westra woke up to find that his wife, Kristin Westra, was not in their North Yarmouth, Maine home where she had reportedly fallen asleep the night before.

Kristin is a 47-year-old elementary school teacher on Chebeague Island. Her husband, Jay, reported his wife missing to the North Yarmouth Fire Department around 9 a.m.

Those closest to Kristin note that this behavior is extremely unusual and mysterious for someone like her.

She is well-known and loved in the community. She has a 9-year-old daughter, a 17-year-old stepson and a happy marriage. Her brother, Eric Rohrbach, attested to her personality and lust for life that would stop her from leaving abruptly and on her own accord. He added that she is “a pillar in her community.”

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“It was raining and she left without her keys, without her car, without her phone. And we think she was wearing flip-flops,” he told The Portland Press Herald. “She does a lot of yoga and she does a lot of running, but she doesn’t do it at that time of night. And if she did, the Kristin I know would have told Jay or brought her phone.”

Mysteriously, Kristin left her keys, car, and phone. She reportedly took a pair of flip-flops despite the weather being chilled and raining. Police and family agree that there is a lack of evidence of foul play thus far in the investigation, but are stumped as to why the teacher would have left the home by herself and without telling anyone.

In similar cases, investigators might suspect the presence of mind-altering substances, but Rohrbach says that his sister vehemently stays away from drugs and alcohol that would impair her judgment and even resists taking necessary medications. Jay added that there was no sleeping medication in their home.

Rohrbach told ABC News that his sister was stressed leading up to the disappearance. She was having difficulty eating and sleeping. Likely, some of her distress was due to ongoing renovations in her workplace and at the home.

“They were like eating dinner in the garage,” he said. “Kristin is someone who likes to come home and curl up with a book, and she couldn’t do that.”

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On the night of the disappearance, Jay noted that, while Kristin had no trouble finishing a full dinner, she had difficulty falling asleep and laid awake for hours. He believes that she left their bedroom around 3 a.m. to sleep in an empty room. When the family awoke the next morning, she was nowhere to be found.

The search continued through Tuesday, focusing on the extensive wooded area around the Westra home. More than 70 volunteers from the community joined investigators on the search, utilizing rescue dogs to comb the tall grasses and bushes. On Tuesday evening, police ceased search efforts around 6 p.m., noting that the weather made searching difficult.

Maine Police Lieutenant Mark Holmquist said that the search might not continue into Wednesday “based on information that has come to us.” While it is unclear what information he was referring to, an expanded search did continue on Wednesday. Police focused their efforts on a nearby construction quarry. So far, they have not found any clues indicating Kristin’s current location or the direction she went after leaving her home.

“It remains uncertain how far away or how long searching wooded areas will continue if further clues are not discovered,” Cpl. John MacDonald of the Maine Warden Service said in a statement.

As the search continues with a stunning lack of clues, police are encouraging anyone with information regarding Kristin Westra’s whereabouts to call the Cumberland County Regional Communications Center at (207) 893-2810 and select option two. They released a description of Kristin having brown hair and brown eyes, weighing approximately 140 lbs and standing 5 feet 10 inches tall. Aside from the flip-flops, no description of her attire at the time of her disappearance is available.

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