What The Venus-Saturn Sextile Means For Your Love Life And Relationships This Month, Beginning September 13th

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The Venus Saturn sextile and what it means for your relationship this week.
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We all need someone.

On September 13th, the zodiac signs will experience Venus sextile Saturn — with Venus in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn. This transit in astrology will inspire us to explore our need for companionship and stability within relationships, which will be reflected in our horoscopes, of course. So much of our current astrology is supporting strong aspects of commitment and dramatic changes in relationships, signifying that the next couple months could be some of the most memorable of our lives.

In astrology, a sextile is when both planets are within 60 degrees of one another, but energy-wise it means that both planets work together to help one another bring out their best possible personalities. This means that it's considered a very supportive alignment because we are being helped to move forward, to bridge gaps that had previously eluded us, and to ultimately move forward on our own path.

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Venus in Scorpio is a very different energy than the goddess of love is usually used to. Venus prefers romantic love, beautiful gifts, flattery, and well-planned dates. In Scorpio though, she travels through some darkness, which is not necessarily the dark side of love but the deeper, more hidden aspects of our hearts.

This means that Venus in Scorpio isn’t concerned with looks. She doesn’t care about status or wealth. Venus in Scorpio doesn’t care about gifts, dates or even flowery words that would make us blush.


In Scorpio, she’s gritty, real and focused on only one thing: the connection that exists between her and another. She’s ready to explore deeper levels of intimacy but to also show her partner who she really is by letting herself be transformed by Scorpio’s waters.

Venus in Scorpio isn’t after one-night stands or trolling on Tinder for the perfect Friday night date. But she is focused on love; it just has to be the kind that’s meant to last a lifetime.

The thing with Venus’s current energy is that she’s after her soulmate, the person who is meant to come into her life and never leave. So during this time period, that is where our focus goes. We have no use for those we know are just cruising through our lives, and instead, we will see ourselves gravitating more towards those relationships and individuals that we see a forever with.

Saturn in Capricorn is the perfect companion for Venus right now. Otherwise known as the lord of time and karma, this planet’s focus is that which is meant to last, or in some situations, show us what is not meant to last for our own good. Together, these two planets have just one focus: to show us that some people really do come into our lives and last forever, but that often it’s rarely the people we think it will be.

Part of this journey may involve the self and letting down our barriers about who we thought would be the perfect partner for us, and instead letting life show us that maybe we need something we weren’t even aware of.

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We may also have to confront any lingering push and pull that we have with needing someone in our lives — a very specific someone, that is.

Often in relationships, especially those that we see as being conscious or more aware, we feel that we shouldn’t need anyone; that to be independent means saying we strictly choose or want another person. However, in life part of this journey of consciousness is realizing just how connected we are. It understands that none of us are meant to do life alone, and instead learn that needing someone doesn’t mean we’re not whole on our own.

No one on earth is born and then dropped off into the wilderness to raise ourselves by ourselves. Our entire lives are built around community, around needing others. In the beginning, our lives center around our families, then friends, coworkers, and romantic relationships. Yet, we often falter within the romantic relationships because we don’t want to be seen as needy. But there is a difference from that stereotype versus just being in an equal relationship in which both individuals fulfill a need of the other.

We should need our partner, not to necessarily live or even make us happy, but they should add fullness to life. Life should be better in love, and if it’s not, sometimes we have to ask what purpose the relationship even serves if not to improve our lives in some aspect.

Venus sextile Saturn will be helping us see that it’s okay to need someone. It’s okay to crave companionship and not want to spend our lives by ourselves. It’s about letting us see that we can be together with someone who respects our independence but knows when we need to be held close.

Life is meant to be experienced, to be loved, and a big part of that is opening ourselves up in such a way so that we can share it with another.

There are a lot of strong energies involving relationships, commitment and togetherness right now, which means that we’re also being asked to move away from self-limiting beliefs and to make the choice to let love in. To commit to those relationships that inspires us. To share our lives with those who make the sun seem a little bit brighter.

Needing someone isn’t about having it be just anyone, which is why we only truly know what we need when we let ourselves experience something we never thought we’d want. Love is in the mystery of life. It’s in the moments we never thought we’d have, and it’s often in the arms of those types of people we never even knew existed. Because no matter who we are, we all need someone. 

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