This Is What Prince George Will Look Like All Grown Up, Says Science

Photo: University of Bradford
What Prince George Will Look Like All Grown Up


Admit it: We're all obsessed with the Royal Family. Kate and William's wedding was a public holiday in England, and the ceremony is one of the most-watched events in history (with over 72 million people live streaming it on YouTube).

And the birth of Prince George only fueled our obsession even more. One day, this little prince will sit on the throne, but it can be hard to imagine a two-year-old with such power.

Luckily, you don't have to imagine any longer.

Scientists at the University of Bradford in England have created an age-progression of Prince George. The scientists used software that took George's current facial features, as well as features from his family members, to predict what he'll look like at ages seven, 20, 40, and 60.

This is what George might look like when he's middle aged:


The scientists also did an age-progression for 6-month-old Princess Charlotte.


All photos: University of Bradford

Researchers say their software is 80 percent accurate, but doesn't include factors like diet or environment.

"It's very difficult to 100 percent say this is what the person is going to look like, because there are other things that come into it ... There's environmental issues, there are dieting habits. So all these things can age people very fast ... but what we assume is a natural age progression," lead researcher Hassan Ugail said.

Hopefully, George's cute, chubby cheeks will stay with him as he grows up.

Check out the video below to see the rest of Prince George's age-progressions.