Who Is Remy Ma's Husband? New Details On Papoose And Their Pregnancy Announcement

Who is Remy Ma's husband?

They had a vow renewal ceremony.

Who is Remy Ma's husband? Remy Ma and her husband Papoose are having a pretty great week. The couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this week with a vow renewal ceremony. The Love and Hip Hop New York stars were all smiles as they recommitted to each other and their marriage. Shortly after, the couple shared some big news: they are expecting a baby! Let's take a look at Remy Ma and Papoose and the details we know so far about the pregnancy and their relationship. 

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1. They got married in 2008.

Well, first off, these two are pretty adorable. One is a mixtape rapper. The other is a rapper who went to prison. And yet their relationship thrived despite incarceration. Remy Ma and Papoose's wedding was called off due to her legal issues, but the two got married in prison in 2008.

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2. About those legal troubles...

In 2008, Remy Ma was sentenced to eight years in prison for her role in a shooting on July 12, 2007. She was convicted of shooting Makeeda Barnes-Joseph, a woman who had been accused of stealing $1,000 from Ma. Remy Ma was convicted of assault, illegal weapon possession and attempted coercion. She was sentenced to eight years in prison. She was released on August 1, 2014 after serving six years. 

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3. Papoose waited for her.

Remy Ma spent six years in prison and Paposse waited for her. Right from the start of their marriage they had hardships. He was barred from visiting her for six months after it was revealed he tried to smuggle a key into the prison when visiting her. The couple had a more traditional wedding in 2016

4. Who is Papoose?

Papoose (real name: Shamele Mackie) is a rapper and songwriter who made his first appearance on the 1998 Kool G Rap album Roots of Evil. During the early 2000's he produced and distributed his own mix tapes. Through that, he met DJ Kayslay in 2005, who helped him land a $1.5 million contract with Jive Records. He came to widespread prominence when he and Remy Ma appeared on VH1's Love and Hip Hop: New York after her release from prison in 2014. 

5. Vow renewal

The couple gathered friends and family together for a vow renewal. Remy wore a gorgeous gown while Papoose was clad in a blue suit. She posted a photo of them to her Instagram and captioned it: "This weekend I celebrated a milestone with my best friend, my partner in everything, my husband, my forever @papoosepapoose I love you so much- not only because you are the perfect soulmate but because you are the epitome of a real man, the essence of a great father, and the definition of loyalty & if I could start life over the only thing I would change is meeting you sooner so that I can spend more time with you. We’ve known each other 13 years & been married a decade we renewed our vows amongst our closest friends and family members It was a small, intimate setting and one of the most precious moments of my life...thank you Husband, u always make me happy."

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6. Is she really pregnant?

She is! The 38-year-old is about 4 months pregnant with her first child with Papoose. This news is especially good because she had a miscarriage last year and has been open about her struggles with IVF. The couple revealed the pregnancy in a video posted to her Instagram account. They shared the news shortly after renewing their wedding vows. In the clip, Remy said: "Although we told you guys we were bringing you out here to renew our vows, which we are, we also wanted all of our family here when we told you guys..." She then handed the microphone to Papoose, who exclaimed: "We're having a baby!"

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