Who Is Margot Robbie's Husband? New Details On Tom Ackerley

Who Is Margot Robbie's Husband?
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They make a stunning couple.

Who is Margot Robbie's husband? Rumors about Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie's flirtation are circulating. That's bad news for one man: Tom Ackerley, Margot Robbie's husband. The 28-year-old Brit has been in a relationship with Margot since 2014. Let's take a look at what we know about Margot Robbie's husband. 

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1. They were friends first.

The Australian actress and British assistant director met on the set of the 2013 film Suite Francaise. Robbie told Vogue magazine that she thought he was the "best looking guy in London." She went on to describe how she fell for him after being friends for a long time. “I was the ultimate single gal. The idea of relationships made me want to vomit. And then this crept up on me. We were friends for so long. I was always in love with him, but I thought, ‘Oh, he would never love me back. Don’t make it weird, Margot. Don’t be stupid and tell him that you like him. And then it happened, and I was like, ‘Of course we’re together. This makes so much sense, the way nothing has ever made sense before.’ ” When the couple met, The Wolf of Wall Street had not been released yet and Robbie was still a relatively unknown Aussie actress. 

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2. How old is Tom Ackerley?

Tom Ackerley was born on January 1, 1990 in Surrey, England, making him 28 years old currently. Margot Robbie was born July 2, 1990 in Dalby, Australia. 

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3. What does Tom Ackerley do?

Tom Ackerley is in the film industry, just like his wife. His job is behind the camera, not in front of it. He is an assistant director and producer. He's worked on Macbeth, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Suite Francaise, I, Tonya and Terminal to name just a handful of his credits. 

4. When did Tom marry Margot?

Tom Ackerley married Margot in December 2016. They had a private ceremony in Australia's Byron Bay. It was a surprise as the couple never made their engagement public prior to getting married. Robbie was given away by her mom. A few days after the ceremony wedding rumors started to surface. Margot responded to them with this photo on Instagram:

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5. They keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

Tom and Margot didn't walk a red carpet together until nearly a year after they got married. They reside in Shepherd's Bush, London and generally stay far from the Hollywood spotlight. 

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6. They postponed their honeymoon to work on I, Tonya.

During an interview on EllenRobbie talked about how she and her new husband had delayed their honeymoon. “...We delayed because we shot I, Tonya at the beginning of the year last year. We had just gotten married but we had to put off the honeymoon part.” 

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