How Mercury In Gemini Will Change Things In Your Relationship And Love Life, Starting May 29th

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Mercury moves into Gemini
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And every once in a while, things suddenly fall together.

On May 29th when Mercury moves into Gemini, astrology will be stirring things up for all the zodiac signs, including their love horoscope. Mercury is the planet that governs technology and how we relate and operate within our relationships. Depending upon the zodiac sign that this planet moves through, we can either see our communication become more strained or flow effortlessly.

Gemini is one of the home signs of Mercury, so he’s comfortable here enabling us to become more clear about what we want to say, and also the best way in which to say it. Gemini can be seen as flighty in the worst of scenarios or flexible within the best. Ultimately, it depends on what other factors are in play with Gemini in order to see if a transit will be helpful or more difficult.

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With this transit, we are being supported by a lot of really playful and adaptable energy; ultimately, Mercury in Gemini will prove to be a very beneficial time for all of us, especially those in romantic relationships that are at a crossroads or turning point.

So much is changing this year in terms of relationships that it’s only natural we are going to have to also engage in some important conversations. Many times it seems that we struggle with explaining what we need or want within relationships because we fear rejection, or we fear not getting our needs met. Instead of speaking up and initiating a conversation, we already assume that our needs won’t be met and begin to change our behavior because of what is likely a false belief.

To actually engage with someone and speak up for what we need and want is the most terrifying thing that we can do, but there also isn’t any other way for us to get what we need other than to ask for it. When Mercury moves into Gemini, it wants us to speak up, ask for what we want, and to talk through our situations and relationships rather than trying to sweep them under the rug.

Until we actually discuss something, we’ll never find a resolution to a situation. Until we talk with our partner about what we want, we’ll never know if they want to meet our needs; until we make the choice to talk about what is bothering us, we will never not have the love that we’ve dreamed of or grow as an individual.

The love that is meant for you is also the one that will help you grow the most deeply. It’s the kind of love that is going to ask you to do things differently, to give up unhealthy coping mechanisms, to speak up, to be honest, to not hide or run away, and to ultimately begin the journey of becoming your best possible self. But this doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy; in fact, it will feel incredibly difficult because we’re not going to be able to do things as we have.

The thing that we sometimes forget is that there is a difference between someone wanting us to change versus us wanting us to change for ourselves. It’s natural to grow but it’s only truly authentic if it’s because we want to become better and begin to do things better.

So much of the astrology this year has been about change and making truer authentic choices for ourselves. But once in this transit, it becomes how to actually process it within our own minds and then discuss it with those around us.

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Mercury is here to help manifest some big changes, to help propel us from where we are into the actual manifestations that we have been working toward. Under this aspect we will feel inspired to reach out to those who mean the most to us; we will want to take the time to explain ourselves to them, to work together, and to ultimately begin making plans for the future.

Expect some big conversations involving change and commitment thanks to the influence of Uranus and Venus. This means that we could see many couples having “that talk” about where the relationship is heading or the common desires and goals of both people.

Because of the aspect of communication being highlighted, it also means that we will likely gravitate toward making plans about our futures together, whether that involves a vacation, moving in together or even an engagement.

Relationships will be going through a major period of change for the remainder of the year, and at this point they are super-charged because of the recent movement of Uranus into Taurus. The one thing we can guarantee right now is that anything is possible, and because of that, this transit of Mercury into Gemini is going to be gifting us with the ability to speak up, speak out, and communicate the deepest desires of our hearts.

During this time, we have to watch that we are thinking before we speak as there is a tendency to just say it without actually making sure it aligns to our thoughts and needs. While it’s important to be able to express ourselves, it’s also crucial to make sure we’re speaking because it’s necessary and because it adds to our overall growth of ourselves and the person we’re building with.

Ultimately, we have to realize that everything does happen at exactly the right time, that all the small moments add up to create big change, and that a really big part of us getting what we want is first us speaking up and asking for it.

Sometimes we just have to believe that it will all work out. We have to believe that all of this work, all of this change will add up to something great, and then just trust that when it's meant to, everything will fall together. 

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