Scary New Details About Two Florida Men Who Dressed Up As Women, Then Sexually Assaulted A 14-Year-Old Boy

Photo: Broward County Jail / Facebook
Scary New Details About The Two Men Who Dressed Up As Women And Then Sexually Assaulted A 14-Year-Old Boy

One of the men is still a fugitive.

Two men wore wigs and women’s clothing to lure in a 14-year-old Fort Lauderdale boy, who they attacked and sexually assaulted last August, but were never caught.

The boy said he ran when the men, who wore makeup and curly wigs, tried to start a conversation with him at around 7 a.m. March 6, 2017. He had seen the men driving in a gray sedan dressed as women before, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Their voices gave them away, the boy said. He "described that he knew the suspects were males because when they talked they sounded like males,” Officer Meredith Tisch wrote in the arrest documents.

The man who sexually assaulted the teen had a mustache and stubble from a recently-shaved beard.

The cross-dressers caught up to the boy and attacked him. One suspect held a gun to the victim’s head and the other threatened him with a knife, the documents continue.

The man with the gun told him to “shut up,” police said.                                         

They hit the teenager on the head before tying him up and dragging him to an abandoned house nearby where one of them sexually assaulted the boy, The Miami Herald reports.

There, one of the men performed oral sex on the underage boy while the other watched, according to police. The second suspect did not touch the boy.

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The boy screamed despite the fact that the men said they would kill him if he did. They escaped without a trace and eluded police — until now.

Thanks to an anonymous tip and DNA evidence, police arrested Javoris Quentin Phillips, 36, Wednesday as one of the cross-dressing assailants. The other is still unknown.

The tipster said that he, too, had been approached by the two men, the Sun-Sentinel reports.


“He also stated that it is the male’s M.O. to proposition young boys in the manner of that of the victim child,” the police report said.

The Miami Herald states that Phillips has multiple aliases, including Fredrick, Cedrick, Hannah, and Aceiyana. Sgt. Hector Martinez matched the DNA taken from a rape kit after the sexual assault last March to that of a Nathan Phillips, another alias of the suspect.

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“Regardless of the state’s recognition of the suspect as a male, the suspect committed [the] aforementioned acts dressed as a female,” a police report reads. “Photographs taken of Javoris often change. Javoris has various different looks including female.”

Phillips was arrested in Orange County and accused of kidnapping and lewd and lascivious battery of a victim under the age of 15. This isn’t his first offense.

Phillips has a criminal history, according to Broward County court records. He has previously been convicted of loitering and prowling, weapons charges, trespassing, battery on a law enforcement officer, prostitution and carjacking.

He also has a gray 2013 Hyundai registered under his name, according to Local 10 News. The teenager identified the car as the one his assailants were driving at the time of the assault.

Phillips is being held at the Broward County jail without bond.

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