How Your Love Life Will Change In 2018, According To Chinese Horoscope Year Of The Ox

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We are the ones that create a silver lining in a difficult situation.

On February 16th, we began the year of the dog in the Chinese zodiac. And because your Chinese horoscope differs from zodiac signs, the changes in your life will follow suit as well.

Someone born in the year of the Ox is born in the years 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 and 2021. Chinese astrology doesn’t follow the Georgian calendar that we use to mark January 1st as the start of the New Year; instead, it follows the lunar cycles, which is why it’s celebrated later in the year, usually around February.

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In Chinese astrology, we break down each animal sign into one of the five elements: gold, wood, water, fire and earth. These individual personality types occur only once in a sixty-year cycle, meaning that during this time frame, we would only see a wood Ox once.

It is believed that a person’s personality is dictated by the sign and the element of the year of their birth:

  • The wood Ox (1925, 1985) is often scattered, open about desires and jumps to the rescue of others.
  • The fire Ox (1937, 1997) has a tendency to be rude and impractical, and somewhat impersonal.
  • The earth Ox (1949, 2009) is very honest and can be extremely responsible.
  • The gold Ox (1961, 2021) can be very hardworking, determined and popular with friends.
  • The water Ox (1973) strives to be ambitious, and is at times overly concerned with doing the right thing.

Ox are known for their patience and persistence. They are ambitious and tend to set their eyes on what they want and don’t give up. They are faithful to their families and to their partner. Ox are constantly observing the situation and trying to find a way to do it better. They are pragmatic and can be stubborn once they have decided upon what or who they want.

Ox are slow to develop romantically and are unlikely to participate in random relationships or one-night stands as they are always looking for that partnership to commit to. This sign doesn’t like to spread themselves out with multiple partners and instead prefer to wait for someone that feels worth it to them.

They fall for people who respect who they are and let them be themselves. Ox appreciate those who are flexible and can handle their strong nature with ease.

While they may be difficult communicators and can let their stubborn nature get in the way of settle disagreements, one beneficial quality is that Ox don’t let anyone influence their decisions. They don’t need others to agree or like the choices they make, or the person that they want to share a life with. If an Ox is in love with you, chances are they will remain that way. Their hearts are not easily swayed and they follow through in what they start.

In some ways, Ox can struggle more in their personal lives than professional. They excel in career situations as they will diligently and tirelessly work toward their goals and will always be willing to redo something in order to have it be their best possible work.

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Ox see their work as being an extension of themselves, as a calling card of sorts, and take great pride in having a strong work ethic. The relationships that Ox will do the best in are those that support them professionally and help teach them to improve rather than putting down their efforts.

As strong-headed as this sign can be, they also are very sensitive. They are very connected to their hearts and don’t just want a relationship but true love. They desire that family to care for, but secretly they need a partner who will protect them. Even if they act tough on the exterior, they need a partner that can know their hard-headedness is to protect their caring and sensitive hearts.

But 2018 is going to be a more difficult year for the Ox. Although it seems that in past years many lessons have been learned about what they truly need in order to feel successful, this next year is really one last test for this stubborn sign to see if they can learn all they are meant to and change the way they do things because of it.

In career and money, it’s going to be a rough start with becoming distracted by dramas with family and friends and becoming less ambitious at work. This will have Ox stepping things up the second half of the year to make up for lost time and money. You will find yourself having to spend valuable time you normally use to focus on your career, having to work with family and friends to overcome drama and arguments.

Because of the energy that you will put in with other relationships and the overtime at work, your love life will likely not be the top priority this year.

It’s likely that we will feel out of sorts for the majority of time, almost as if we got placed back at the finish line. We will be inclined to feel more frustration and argumentative from stress in other areas of our lives, which will affect our romantic lives.

Although it seems like there will be difficulty ahead, the reality is that we hold the cards for how we are going to let our circumstances control us. We can chose to be mindful of family and friends, to stay present and aware at work, and to not take out our feelings on the person that we are involved with.

As with anything in life, we have a choice for how we will react and behave in any given situation. Because sometimes we have to remember that no matter how bleak it seems, we are the ones that create our silver lining. 

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