Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of May 7-13, 2018

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Fated encounters are in the cards.

You can try and run away from destiny, but you will not manage to run too far. Does this statement scare you? Does it make you anxious because it takes your free will away? Well, don't be afraid. Free will and destiny have a unique bond.

The former allows you to choose the path to the latter. That's why you can sometimes fall off the wagon and seem to take a detour, but eventually, arrive exactly where you were meant to be.

That's what we are going to discuss in your weekly horoscopes and tarot card reading for May 7 to 13, 2018: what fate has in store for you, based on your zodiac sign. Will you find yourself in limbo or will you become lost in a starry-eyed romance? There's only one way to find out.

ARIES: 2 of Wands

Aries, last week might have been a disappointing one for you, but things seem to be looking up this week. Since the 2 of Wands is ruled by fire just like you, you are going to be very bold and authoritative in your love life this week. In fact, I will not be surprised if you stake a claim on someone and let all your friends know he or she is off limits.

If you are already dating someone, this week might be the one you two finally decide to go exclusive. But you will have to take the initiative to breach that conversation.

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TAURUS: King of Swords

Taurus, this week in your love life, you are going to meet someone so sharp and practical, he will make you seem like a bucket of impulses. You will really admire his convictions in life and how well-planned his path is to his ultimate goal. But you will also be uneasy.

Why? Because this person will be so sharp that he will see the flaws in all your plans. And that will infuriate you to no end since you do not like to change your plans once you have outlined them. Take it easy when this happens. Life often throws us curveballs to take us to better places.

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GEMINI: Prince of Swords

You will be restless this week, Gemini. Not just your body and mind, but also your heart. Is it because you have fallen in love with someone who is now giving more attention to someone else? Is it because you have let someone know you have a crush on them but haven't received a response yet? Is it because you do not have any suitable people to date in your area?

Whatever the reason might be, your heart and mind will not be at peace this week even after you try your best to calm them down. Count down from five to zero whenever this becomes excessive. Let's hope next week is more favorable for your love life.

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CANCER: 4 of Pentacles

Cancer, this week you need to be careful with your finances. Be smart about your investments and monetary decisions since you might end up losing money if you don't. In fact, the Tarot advises you to keep your possessions close to your chest this week, even if your partner asks you to break open the bank and lend him or her some. This is not the week to be imprudent. Get it?

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LEO: World

Leo, if you could see the card, you would have jumped in joy. The vibrant colors, the coming together of all four elements, and the feeling of satisfaction from the World can mean only one thing: you are going to meet someone who will fulfill every sexual desire of yours this week.

Okay, maybe not every fantasy, but you will definitely find yourself screaming to the stars and thanking the Universe for the gift of the most mind-blowing orgasm of your life. Enjoy it!

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VIRGO: 9 of Cups

Someone seems smug, Virgo. Is that you? Well, if you are not feeling so happy quite yet, don't worry. Things will look up for you in your love life as the days pass by this week.

In fact, it won't be a surprise if you end up wealthier in some manner by the end of Sunday. And this wealth can definitely be that proposal you have been waiting for so long. So smile on.

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LIBRA: Prince of Pentacles

Libra, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is this week you will be showered with gifts and attention in your love life. So expect roses to find their way to your doorstep and some expensive gifts to land on your desk. The only problem is, they will come from someone you think is too slow and boring.

And you know yourself too well. You would die of boredom if you agree to see this person however much they might be in love with you and however many gifts they might give you. But then they do have a good heart. You are going to find it difficult to turn this person down, but you already know what you will do in the end.

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SCORPIO: Hanged Man

Scorpio, your love life will be in limbo this week. But it's not the kind of limbo where you go off on your own and introspect. It's the kind of limbo that is being forced on you because the one you have your eyes set on is either MIA or is stalling you painfully.

Be patient and try to see the situation from a different perspective. Maybe even an eccentric one! That will really help you unravel yourself and return firmly back on the ground.

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SAGITTARIUS: Prince of Cups

High up in the mountains or basking merrily by the sea, this week you will find someone who will engage that wildly romantic side of you. He or she will be dreamy with the right amount of purpose. And he or she will have the ability to gaze into your eyes deeply and almost glean all your secrets.

Watch out for peacock feathers or someone wearing a piece of clothing with peacock pattern. That's the one . And when you finally meet, let fate play out whatever story it's trying to play.

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CAPRICORN: 6 of Swords

This week is going to be a quiet one for your love life, Capricorn. You will most likely take some time out from dating if you are not yet seeing someone seriously, or will go off on a solitary trip to clear your head if you are.

Just try not to restrain your thoughts when you take off on your own. Because once the cacophony quiets down, which it does eventually, you will realize there's a lot your subconscious has been wanting to let you know.

Don't be afraid when that becomes apparent. Emotions are not as scary as they seem. They are simply messages you can analyze to understand your current life's situation.

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AQUARIUS: Ace of Wands

Aquarius, this week you will most probably find yourself intensely attracted to someone new. So much so that you will find it impossible to restrain your passionate side. When that happens, don't hold back.

Attraction is just a seed. It grows into something more only when action waters it and allows it to grow. So take action and go forward!

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PISCES: Princess of Cups

This week will be a quiet one for you, Pisces. Externally, that is. Because you know how rich and vibrant your inner landscape becomes when the outer world finally gives you the space and quiet to tap into it.

So while you may not really see much happening in the romantic end of things, your creativity will be through the roof this week. Take advantage of this and go crazy.

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Valeria Black is an author and Tarot reader known for her in-depth psychological analyses. You can connect with her on Twitter @ValerieRBlack.