New Details About Blac Chyna’s Rumored Pregnancy With 18-Year-Old Boyfriend YBN Jay — And How They May Be Engaged

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New Details About Blac Chyna’s Rumored Pregnancy With New Boyfriend YBN

She was recently spotted with a baby bump.

Blac Chyna sported what looks like a baby bump at the airport Friday and is reportedly two and a half months pregnant.

Chyna could be expecting her first baby with her 18-year-old boyfriend YBN Jay, according to MTO News. She has two kids already — one fathered by Rob Kardashian and another by Tyga.

The 29-year-old was wearing a Married to the Mob cheetah print outfit at the Los Angeles International Airport with her alleged third baby daddy.

The two were all smiles at the airport and despite their age difference, Chyna and YBN Jay seem to be happy as can be. When the cameras came at them, Chyna smiled and rubbed her stomach, MTO News reports.


Fans are convinced she is carrying YBN’s first child and have been commenting all over her Instagram posts about her “baby bump.”

"I love the outfit, but... Chyna looks pregnant in this picture... I see her glow... I tried to hold it in and I can't," one user wrote.

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Chyna and YBN Jay confirmed they were together in March, so they haven’t been an item for very long but that doesn’t appear to bother the pair.

In the short months they have been dating, the two have been in the spotlight a lot.

Chyna and YBN made headlines recently when he (jokingly?) proposed to her via an Instagram post. Romantic, right?

Will You Marry Me?

A post shared by YBN Almighty Jay (@ybnalmightyjay) on Apr 10, 2018 at 6:49pm PDT

YBN uploaded a photo of the Chyna wearing a white sweater dress and sneakers posing next to some flowers with the caption, “Will You Marry Me?” with a ring emoji. Chyna commented “yes” on the post.

She hasn’t been spotted wearing a ring on her finger and has yet to comment about the post so it’s safe to assume the proposal was a joke. Everyone’s love timeline is different, so who knows? It might be legit.

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Chyna also received a bunch of attention when she got into a fight while on vacation at Six Flags early this month — on Easter, nonetheless. The mother brought her two children, King Cairo and Dream, on a little vacation and stirred up some drama.

According to witnesses, a woman touched Dream and said hi to the girl.

"She said, 'Don't f--king touch my baby,'" the eyewitness told E! News. "The girl was just trying to compliment how cute the baby was. Nobody knew or noticed it was Chyna's baby until Chyna went off."

The woman confronted Chyna and asked if she had a problem. Chyna was clearly not a fan of her child being approached by a stranger and tried to attack her with a pink stroller.

Later that day, Chyna addressed the day via Snapchat.

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“Being famous is hard enough dealing with scrutiny but when someone feels comfortable to come and touch your child it’s a whole other story,” Blac wrote in a lengthy message on Snapchat after the incident. “I do not condone violence nor am I a violent person but shout out to all of the amazing mothers out there that will protect their children at all cost. Love, King and Dreams mommy.”

It’s not easy out there for Chyna. She is also battling for the custody of Dream, and has been scrutinized for putting pink hair clips in the girl’s hair.


Fans were accusing her of treating Dream “like a doll” for putting pink hair on the child. Rob Kardashian, Dream’s father, was furious, according to TMZ.

“He doesn’t trust Blac Chyna at all and questioned what her intensions were,” an insider told the outlet. “It really upset him because he felt like she was using Dream to get attention for herself. They had a huge fight about it. Eventually Blac Chyna backed down and deleted the picture but that was only after Rob threatened to get his lawyer involved.”

Though Chyna has been involved in a lot lately, she and YBN are going strong. Neither of them have commented on the pregnancy rumors. 

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