How The Sun And Mercury Will Create Big Changes In Your Life On May 11th

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Sun trine Pluto
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In order to get what we want, we need to first speak up.

During the week of May 11th, there will be two powerful transits that will deeply affect our love lives, not just for the next few days but for the remainder of the month as well: Sun trine Pluto and Mercury square Mars. 

The first transit is the Sun in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn which will have us focusing on the power of relationships. The second transit, Mercury in Aries square Mars in Capricorn, will have us looking at communication and how we physically express our feelings.

This is good news for all zodiac signs, no matter what your relationship status is. Your love horoscope will directly reflect these two transits, so buckle up!

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The astrology of May is very different than April. Last month it was a little gentler; even the Mercury retrograde affected us gently, but beginning with the Scorpio full moon at the end of the month, we have been ushered into a much more intense and strong aspect of change.

For many of us, we expected April to be the big month of change; however, now it seems that it was just setting the stage for what May has in store for us.

There has been an air of clearing what no longer serves us so that we can move on from our pasts including jobs, social situations and romantic relationships that no longer serve us. But this act is not just a one-time decision; rather, it has to be a conscious choice that is made not only daily but also backed up with the action of intent as well.

We can’t say that we’re ready to move on, but still linger in the past; it’s never enough to just say anything, so instead we have to show through our behavior that we are taking steps to manifest it into reality.

On the 11th, we will see the Sun trine Pluto in Capricorn. In astrology, a trine is when the planets are within 120 degrees of one another while activating one another for the highest amount of success and impact. The Sun always represents our sense of self and in Taurus is grounded, more calm and pragmatic. But Pluto is anything but calm, and in Capricorn we run the risk of our emotions getting the best of us.

The Sun wants to help us become the best possible version of ourselves, to change and evolve past whatever limitations we previously perceived were there. It’s the source of life and a reminder that we have to continually make a choice to do better in order to actually become better.

In Taurus though, we are more patient with our progress, more able to take our time having faith in the process. We do less rushing ahead and more focusing on the individual moment, appreciating that it takes time to go from where we are now to where to actually want to be.

But Pluto doesn’t have any intention of being calm. He shows up sometimes when we don’t want it and others when we least expect it, but his sole job is to destroy the status quo.

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Pluto rules all that is below the surface, and he delights in taking all of that knowledge to the surface so that it might be dealt with and experienced. Pluto deals with renewal and rebirth, not in the catastrophic way that Uranus deals with change but by shining a light on the areas of our lives that need our attention the most.

Together, the Sun and Pluto are here to help us focus on the relationships that need our attention the most. This will be done by looking at what we need from a relationship to actually grow and become our best possible self, but in order to do that we’re going to have to look below the surface of what we thought was our truth. It means we may have to experience some uncomfortable moments when we realize that what fits the most or what we feel drawn to doesn’t actually fit the life we had expected to live.

The second transit will throwing a wrench into our plans though. Mercury square Mars in Capricorn is very different energy than the Taurus energy of the Sun. Mars is the planet of war, ambition and sexual desires, and Mercury is the planet of communication; together, this means that we will be feeling more fired up and are likely to have an unexpected outburst at those we are closest to.

However, it doesn’t mean that we are being sentenced to arguments and fits. We are going to be looking at our relationships more closely this week, we are going to want to create some lasting aspects of change, and with Mercury in the mix we will be able to communicate what we are thinking and feeling. The only thing Mars is doing is reminding us that when we truly care about something, we become incredibly passionate, sometimes even to the point of being fired up emotionally.

During this time, we can expect to feel very strongly about our choices, the desires of our hearts and those aspects of life that are most important to us. This will translate as arguments with our romantic partner, breakups, sudden defining of a relationship that previously had been ambiguous, and decisions about shared futures such as moving in or committing to one another.

If dating or single, we can expect to feel more strongly about standing our ground as far as needs being met and what we are looking for in a partner.

In truth, this hot and fiery energy is actually a wonderful aspect to have us speak up and go for what we want, as long as we channel it in a healthy way and recognize that we will be feeling things more strongly during this time period.

While sometimes we choose to sit back and take the slow road, at other times we need to finally make the choice to speak up and state our needs, because often they can’t actually be met until we do. 

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