Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of April 30-May 6, 2018

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This week, some hearts will meet and others will break.

People have different reactions to being single. Some don't want to have anything to do with the other gender (or the same one, if that's how you roll) because of bad experiences in the past, while others cannot wait to find their soulmate or get together with the one they have had their sight locked on.

Whatever your stance on love might be, your weekly horoscopes and tarot card reading for April 30 to May 6, 2018 will tell you exactly what you can expect in the department of love over if you are currently single, or are dating but not in a committed relationship. And the forecast is not good for every zodiac sign.

Are you one of the unlucky ones? There's only one way to find out.

ARIES: 6 of Swords

Aries, do you feel like he's the one? Is it because he can make your heart pound faster than it has ever pounded every time he is around? Is that the reason why you have decided to let him know how you feel this week?

If your answers were yes, you are not going to like the Tarot's message for you. Because this week you will experience disappointment in love. And that will send you spiraling down a memory lane you had no intention of wandering down. A memory from your past where you were rejected, although under different circumstances.

If instead you are already dating someone, this week you will find yourself journeying away from them, either because of a long trip or because of a permanent relocation to a different city. And that too will break your heart. When that happens, have faith. When life shuts one door, it usually opens another quite soon.

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TAURUS: Ace of Wands

The stars are shining brightly upon your love life this week, Taurus. So, if you are single and dating, expect that status to change this week. Or perhaps you will find someone who will spark desire in your heart and make you want to chase them until they are yours.

Remember: the Ace is just a seed. So while there's a lot of potential for awesome things to happen, if you don't take action, you will soon realize by the end of the week that you are still stuck in the same old rut you have always been stuck in.

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GEMINI: Princess of Cups

Gemini, you will meet a kind-hearted, soft-spoken, dreamy individual this week. And they will spark an intense desire in your heart. In fact, don't be surprised if they turn out to have a watery sun sign — Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.

Or perhaps you already are seeing someone like that in your life right now. Someone who is intensely romantic, intensely emotional, and intensely creative. Whatever the current scenario might be in your love life, you will engage socially with such an individual this week and it will be a passionate, happy exchange. So enjoy yourself!

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This will be a major week in your life, Cancer. A major week because it will be a week of agonizing endings. Perhaps you were holding onto a relationship that was well past its expiry date, or maybe you were refusing to see that the one you love so much does not love you back the same way.

Whatever it might be, this week will finally close that chapter in your life, regardless of whether you want it to close or not. Take heart when that happens. Because how else will you allow life to bring something better your way?

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LEO: 8 of Pentacles

Leo, regardless of whether you are just dating or are already in a relationship, this week will be less about passion and more about building up your love life. Not that there's anything wrong with where the two of you are right now. You are doing just fine.

Only, now it's time to take your relationship one level deeper and truly forge it into a partnership.

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VIRGO: Judgment

Virgo, this week you will find yourself acting as the messenger of fate for one or more people. And it will happen without your volition, almost as if your actions and speech were being led by a more divine force.

Don't be alarmed when that happens. Allow yourself to remain in the flow and awaken the ones you are meant to awaken. After all, you too were sent messengers in the past who are the reason why you are where you are right now.

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LIBRA: 3 of Wands

Libra, the theme of this week for your love life is travel. It could literally mean you are going on a vacation with your partner or could mean you are dating someone who happens to be foreign and visiting your country at the moment.

It could also mean that the overseas opportunity you were waiting for all this while will finally come through this week. So, enjoy! You deserve it.

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SCORPIO: Princess of Swords

Scorpio, a very interesting incident is going to happen in your love life this week. You will have a conversation with someone (probably the one you are dating at the moment) where you will tell them certain accurate observations you have made about their personality and their dreams.

Only, the conversation will later make you realize that the observations are accurate for your own personality and dreams. And that will stupefy you. It's almost like telling someone they have low self-esteem and then realizing your self-esteem isn't all that stellar either.

When that happens, don't run away from the revelations. You are a phoenix. Use the new knowledge to rise anew.

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SAGITTARIUS: 4 of Swords

Sagittarius, this week is going to be a pretty uneventful one in your love life. In fact, you might find yourself enjoying your own company this week rather than the company of the one you are dating or have your target firmly locked on.

Enjoy this period of rest and relaxation. After all, we all need alone time to reflect and introspect.

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Hurray, Capricorn! It's going to finally happen this week. You will finally become a committed pair or perhaps will finally tie the knot (or get engaged) to your partner.

Just remember: you will be presented with a choice before that happens. The choice of staying right where you are, or choosing a path still untreaded. And the choice you ultimately make will make or break your dream of paradise.

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AQUARIUS: 8 of Wands

There's no time to waste, Aquarius. Take your chance and rush forth with your passion. Let the one you are madly in love with know your affection or sneakily get the one you have your eyes on to go out on a date with you. After all, sitting around and doing nothing has never gotten us anything in life.

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PISCES: Empress

This week, Pisces, you will find yourself in one of those wonderfully creative moods. That means, if you are a writer, words will fall off your fingers like grains falling out of an outstretched hand. If you are a painter, the canvas will sing like it has never sung before. And if you are an actor, you will find yourself switching personas like someone afflicted with multiple-personality disorder.

The Empress is a card of creativity and she is blessing you this week. Just be cautious when you get down and dirty with your boo in the sack this week. The Empress is also a card of fertility. So, if you are not planning to have a child yet, take extra precaution because there's a high chance your contraception might fail.

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