How The Radical Sun Trine Saturn Will Affect Your Love Life This Week, Starting April 29th

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Sun trine Saturn
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The best part about hard work is when it pays off.

On April 29th, when we experience the Sun trine Saturn (with the Sun in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn), prepare for this transit to bring big rewards and moments that make it all worth it. For your zodiac sign, not only will your love horoscope indicate a positive turnaround in romance, but in your life as well.

In astrology, the Sun represents our self — our identity, how we see ourselves, and also how we operate in the world. Saturn governs boundaries, karma and our self-imposed limitations. Together, these two planetary bodies are going to come together, lighting up our lives with the fruition of dreams and hard work.

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A trine is when planets are within approximately 120 degrees of one another, acting within harmony, enhancing the best qualities, and helping bring success on all fronts. This is a time when we are going to see decisions and actions that we previously took pay off in big ways — not just in terms of our success, but towards our hearts.

It’s no easy matter loving with everything that we have and working to build a conscious relationship with someone who also believes it’s a partner’s role to help us become our best possible selves. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

Nothing that is truly worthwhile in this lifetime will come easy; in fact, sometimes by us having to work for it do we really know that it’s also worth it.

A lot has changed this year in terms of our hearts. We aren’t the same people we were last year at this time, but that doesn’t mean that we’re lost. What this past year has been about is learning how to truly love ourselves and how to truly love another.

Sometimes though, when we are in the midst of this type of work, we lose sight of what we are working toward, or we become disheartened by the setbacks or obstacles and in the process we begin to doubt love. We second guess what we feel because our minds have decided to overthink and create doubt where none previously existed. But it’s during these moments that we can chose to give up or stay the course and continue working toward what we feel is true in our hearts.

During the past few months, we have had some dark days. There were times when we almost gave up on love, when we almost went back to our old ways, and at times it seemed that this was the best option, because how much pain can one heart take before it breaks forever?

But for most of us, we never gave up. We never deviated from the path that our hearts were pulling us down, and we never doubted so much that we made the choice to actually give up. And now, all of that is about to pay off.

Right now the Sun is in Taurus, a home-loving, sensual earth sign that fancies all things domestic, including snuggling at home with the one that we love. Pairing up with this luscious energy is Saturn in Capricorn, which in this case is all about returning all of the good karma that we’ve earned through our hard work and dedication.

In this case, what we will be seeing in the Sun trine Saturn is a literal physical manifestation of the work we’ve been putting into our relationships over the course of the past eight weeks.

How does this translates for those of us in relationships that are just beginning or trying to get off the ground? Well, we will see marked progress toward actually becoming a couple, or might become more serious through moving in or meeting family and friends.

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There have also been arguments or disagreements of late, perhaps about issues that are important to the relationship — those situations that we need to discuss and talk through in order to move to a new level of our relationship. But during this transit, these situations will find peace and balance and most likely a resolution as well.

It’s also about realizing that if we want peace, want a resolution and want a positive outcome, we also have to do the work associated with making that a reality. We can’t just say we want to save our relationship, but instead do the work to make it happen; we can’t say we want our family and lover to become close, we have to set up situations in which that occurs. It’s never enough to just say something; we have to choose to take action to create it as well.

During this time, we can also expect to see some marriages that were in trouble begin to improve and grow closer. If both people have been honest and loving while working with one another and not shutting down communication, they may suddenly experience a big "ah-ha" moment in which they feel a renewed sense of love, passion, and intimacy.

The other important aspect with this transit is how it relates to those deep soulmate relationships, like twin flames. It’s been a difficult time for these relationships because there have been a lot of lessons and clearing of family and personal karma over the past few months.

It’s been a journey through leaving behind the way that our families have done things, and instead making our own path in this life. But if both people have been diligent in expressing and living their truth, we will see these types of relationships blossom in the early weeks of Spring.

Working for what we want or what we feel is important, but there is never a guarantee of whether it will actually work out or not. That’s where the magic happens because it’s these moments when everything suddenly falls together that we’re reminded why we never stopped working. 

Because the best part of hard work is when it finally pays off. 

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