Are Lorde And Jack Antonoff Dating? 7 Awkward New Details About Their Secret Relationship, Including Their Steamy Duet Video

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lorde jack antonoff dating

Are Lorde & Jack really that thirsty for each other?

Are Lorde and Jack Antonoff dating? Lorde is a famously un-celeb-y celeb, appearing on red carpets looking like she's waiting to take the SATs instead of waiting to go to a glammed-out night of fabulousnesses. Lena Dunham is famously publicity-happy, willingly sharing profoundly weird stories from her childhood just to get even more attention. So what do these two having in common? If rumors are true, they both have a thing for Jack Antonoff!

Fun lead guitarist Antonoff dated Dunham for five years before they split up this past January. Almost immediately rumors started swirling that he was snuggling up to Lorde, with the two of them being spotted together and multiple functions. Last night they added fuel to the fire that they're flames when he dropped by her show for a surprise appearance on the stage. The two certainly looked lovey-dovey as she stroked his knee and sang a soulful cover of St. Vincent's 'New York' while he strummed his guitar! So what is going on between Lorde and Jack Antonoff? Let's investigate.

Is this relationship real? Here are seven things you should know about their rumored love!

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1. They both swear they're NOT a thing!

Back in January when he was still rebounding from his bounce away from Lena Dunham, Antonoff tweeted out:

In February, Lorde told reporters who asked about the two of them “Guys, no! Jack and I are not dating ... I love him. He’s awesome, but we’re not dating!”

2. They were friends before he split up with Lena Dunham!

Lorde and Lena knew each other before Lorde met Antonoff. And Lorde knew Antonoff because he produced her album Melodrama. Lorde talked about her friendship with the now-ex-couple during an interview with Seth Meyers, saying "He's an amazing person, and so truly strange. He's like my sibling now... He's like my work husband. Lena will like pop down the hall and be like, 'How are you guys doing?' and we'll be like 'Good!'"

3. They recorded together IN HIS AND LENA'S APARTMENT!

The reason Lena could just pop on in and see how their musical sparks were flying was because Lorde and Antonoff were recording the album in the apartment he shared with Dunham. Were they falling in love right under his then-girlffriend's nose?!?! The folks at DListed have hinted it happened!

4. He's been to her hometown  with her!

I don't know how often you take your not-boyfriends half-way across the world to hang with your parents in your hometown but Lorde apparently does. The two were spotted frolicking around Auckland, New Zealand last month. There was an awful lot of hugging between the two of them

5. He calls her by her given name!

When Antonoff popped into Lorde's show last night, they were chatty and giggly on the stage. And according to Mariah Smith of Keeping Up With the Kontinuity Errors and Lindsey Weber of Who? Weekly, he kept calling her her Ella, her real name. He did it so many times that it was painfully obvious to Smith that it was a show-off move. "Jack, who is chewing gum, and looks like a kid in a candy store seeing 'Ella.' The way he called her 'Ella' so many times was a hate crime," quipped Smith.

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6. He knows an awful lot about Lorde!

Smith and Webber dished on a lot of the banter that Antonoff and Lorde engaged in between PDA and singing on the stage. Antonoff spilled some cute-sy gossip about his maybe-GF including that she eats bodega sushi and walks barefoot in NYC. He didn't say whether he takes care of her if she gets foot poisoning or athlete's foot after those quirky-but-questionable activities. 

7. But wait, what's this about Antonoff and a model?

It's possible Antonoff is getting all "heteronormative" with someone who ISN'T Lorde — he was seen at a basketball game with model Carlotta Kohl in March. Her beautiful blonde head rested on his shoulder as they took in a Knicks game. USWeekly had posted rumors about the two of them back in January, before he was seen in New Zealand with Lorde.

Time — and tabloids! — will tell whether Lorde and Antonoff are the real deal or if their relationship is all work, no play!

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