How The Last Blue Moon Until 2020 Will Affect You — And Where To See It Best

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What Is A Blue Moon? Where To See The Last Blue Moon Until 2020

You don’t want to miss this!

The second blue moon of 2018 will appear on Saturday, March 31. You don’t want to miss this one because it’s the last one until 2020!

You’ve probably heard (and even used) the phrase “once in a blue moon” before, but according to The Weather Channel, blue moons aren’t as rare as you might think. In fact, the last blue moon appeared only a couple months ago in January of this year (remember that crazy super blue blood moon?). However, having two blue moons in one year is definitely rare, as blue moons usually only happen about every two and a half years — and the Old Farmer’s Almanac says that having two in one year won’t happen again until 2037.

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What is a blue moon?

Unfortunately, a blue moon isn’t actually, well… blue. Instead, it just means that it’s a full moon that occurs twice in one month. The first full moon occurred on March 2, 2018.

The blue moon on March 31, 2018 is also called a Full Sap Moon (who knew the moon could have so many nicknames?). According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, Native Americans named full moons at this time of year the Full Sap Moon because it’s generally when people tap maple trees for their sap. The March moon also goes by the Full Worm Moon, named after the time worms start coming out of the ground and migrating birds reappear — yay, Spring!

Where to see the blue moon

Since this is the last blue moon for quite some time, you don’t want to miss it. Luckily, The Weather Channel states that it’ll be there for just about everyone to enjoy — weather permitting, of course. According to meteorologist Linda Lam, people in the South, Southwest, and on the West Coast of the United States will have the best view of the blue moon. It peaks at 8:37 am Eastern Time.

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How the blue moon affects you

The moon is notorious for affecting people's moods and actions — especially full moons, which are said to make people go a little wild — the word “lunatic” comes from the Latin word luna meaning moon, after all. While science hasn’t really been able to prove any real link between phases of the moon and behavior, that hasn’t stopped people from believing in the folklore.

Those who believe in astrology (basically all of us, let’s be real) know that the moon is a huge force when it comes to your horoscope and zodiac sign. During full moons, emotions run high — which could explain why murders and assaults are more common around the time of a full moon. Ancient philosophers also suggested that the moon could affect the brain in the same way it affects tides.

Of course, a scientist will tell you all the weirdness that occurs during a full moon implies correlation, not causation — but what fun is that?

The next blue moon won’t happen until October of 2020, so get out there and enjoy it!

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