New Details About A Man Who Plead Guilty To Cyberstalking His Ex-Girlfriend After He Posted Her Location And Phone Number On Prostitution Sites

Photo: FBI
Thomas Traficante,

Thomas Traficante also sent the woman threatening text messages

A New York man pleaded guilty to cyberstalking after police found that he had been terrorizing his ex-girlfriend for two months. 

Thomas Traficante, 23, and the victim broke up last year. Shortly after, he sent her the first of many threatening text messages on Nov. 10. It went to her and some of her Sigma Kappa sorority sisters. 

"It's [sic] not safe out there tonight kappas [sic]," he wrote. 

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"There are various people among different orgs who have hurt me. My plan is to hurt them," another text read. 

About a dozen sorority sisters told police they received the message, and so they changed their plans, postponing an event. Traficante sent another text about 24 hours later:

"glad [sic] you all mostly took my advice last night, but moving it forward one night doesn't make kappas [sic] or their dates any safer. I mean no harm, im [sic] not the threat, but harm is coming." 

The victim and her sorority sisters continued to fear their safety after they received another text from Traficante that read "I'm in the house." 

Within a week of the messages, the victim discovered that her contact information had been posted on a prostitution website. She received dozens of calls from men trying to solicit sex. 

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Traficante also sent cocaine to the victim's home. He then called campus police in hopes that she would be arrested. 

He sent another package that contained methamphetamine.

When police linked the number and the package backed to Traficante, they found a semiautomatic AR-15 that he owned legally. 


This past week, Traficante pleaded guilty to cyberstalking and possession of illegal drugs. His recommended sentence is between 30 to 37 months. He's currently awaiting sentencing. 

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