9 Ways Strong Women Are Better At Relationships Than The Rest Of Us

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She's unwavering and committed.

Strong women handle a relationship differently than women who are just not that strong. And that's often a good thing and not a bad thing, despite the stereotypes surrounding it. From the first date to the act of commitment, a strong woman has so many feelings and values that dictate how she manages, selects, and opens up to a partner.

All too often, though, people make assumptions about strong women that are false. They'll say a strong woman is too picky, too cold, or too independent. The list goes on and on. Strength is seen as a barrier to commitment when it really makes her a better and stronger partner. But any real man can appreciate her for these qualities.

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So, from one strong woman's heart and voice, here are 9 things strong women do completely different in relationships than other women who aren't quite there yet.

1. She can live with or without you.

She doesn't need you to make her life. Her life is already made. You, as her partner, simply just add to it. Maybe you find that a bit scary. Maybe you worry she'll get bored of you or won't need you.

That's not the case. If she picked you, she picked you, but she knows that her happiness depends on her and not you or anyone else.

2. She doesn't need a date.

She isn't desperate to fill her calendar with random dates with people who don't really interest her. She'd rather be alone for the night or see friends than waste her time with someone who just isn't her cup of tea.

That's because she's happy within, so she's not desperate for someone to "plug into" so she can charge up her happiness battery.

3. She's incredibly selective.

You may be intimidated by her because she's self-assured and confident. You may think you don't have what it takes to be with her or that she doesn't think you're up to snuff because she's known to be selective.

Well, you're right. She's selective, but that doesn't mean she's got impossible standards. She just has standards and isn't willing to compromise to be with someone who would require her to lose her values.

4. She may be reluctant to be vulnerable.

She's learned that being vulnerable means allowing someone in, and she's not always willing to do so. Why? Well, she knows that once someone gets "inside," that person has the power to hurt her, and she's not willing to take that risk so easily.

It's not that she's jaded or bitter, she's just wise and weighing out if you are the one she should let her guard down for.

5. She prefers to be friends first.

It's not that she doesn't find you attractive, but that she wants to establish a rapport with you. If she does this, she's trying to assess you and your character to see just who you are. She's a sharp detective.

But how do you know if you're strictly in the friend zone, or a potential serious love contestant? If she treats you like a buddy and pal, you're friend zoned. If she's flirty and attentive, but keeps boundaries, you may just have a shot, kid.

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6. She's a lady — and demonstrates it consistently.

She may be a total freak in the bedroom, but she's not about to allow you that sort of access without the two of you being on the same page. She may even outright tell you, "Yeah, I'm a freak in the sheets," but she's a lady on the street, for sure.

She sort of enjoys that you have to earn access to her body and mind. It's not that she's a tease, but she wants someone who makes the effort. So, if you want a sexy selfie from her, I hope you've done enough to earn that picture.

7. She's upfront about how she feels toward other people in your life.

Other women may tiptoe around that one weird friend or your rude sister, but strong women won't play that nonsense. Yes, she'll be classy and not overstep her boundaries, but she will not mince words unless she feels your feelings would benefit from her staying silent.

She tells you the truth because she wants a partner who would do the same, and she tells you the truth respectfully. She's not out to police your friends, but she's astute and isn't about to act like some big dummy.

8. She has strictly platonic male friends.

Most women have male friends, but some women have men friends that border on flirtation. A strong woman befriends men and knows how to keep the boundaries with them as friendship. She expects her partner to be secure with this because, like I said before, she's a lady.

And if a guy friend of hers crosses the line, she'll deal with it and would never let the line be breached. She values commitment and if she made one to you, it's a rock solid promise.

9. She isn't afraid to ask for what she wants in the bedroom.

She won't blush or hesitate to tell you what she needs in bed. She enjoys intimacy and doesn't harbor any shame or major body issues. She's in touch with her needs.

She's not going to ask you to turn off the lights. In her eyes, if you don't like what you see, you don't deserve her. Period. So, don't balk if she gives you explicit feedback. Instead, be grateful!

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