How The Invigorating New Moon In Pisces On March 17th Will Affect Your Love (And Sex!) Life In The Next Few Weeks

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The sex will only be as good as the relationship.

On March 17th, we will experience the sensuality of the new moon in Pisces, which will leave us all feeling the heat. This is the first new moon since the last eclipse back during the middle of February, meaning that many of the lessons can start to feel as though they are moving us to the next chapter.

For your zodiac sign, you will find that your love horoscope will shift toward a more sexual tone. But most important of all, the energy in this new moon will open up the lines of communication in our relationships.

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We currently are in the midst of Pisces season and with it everything that this water sign represents. Pisces likes to do things differently but only if it can be rationalized by a higher purpose or good. It’s a very sexual but private sign, and while shy at first, once a fish truly trusts her partner, all bets are off on what she is capable or willing to try in (and out) of the bedroom.

But Pisces is also about connection and spirituality, so any relationship a fish enters into will also be more than just a one-and-done situation; in fact, this sign does monogamy best.

But let’s be clear: monogamy and monotony are two different things. We can choose to be with only one person, but with that one person is a constant stream of endless ways to switch it up, get creative, or to just have some fun.

We’re also under a lot of Aries energy which is the first sign of the Zodiac and holds a very different energy than Pisces. Aries is all about fire, drive, and the passion to go after what we want. In this case, we will feel compelled to go after matters of the heart in a really big way. No more will we be complacent in thinking that someday an actual plan will manifest the life we want to live.

The entire eclipse season has been about uprooting so much in terms of relationships and long-held beliefs we had about what type of romantic connection we wanted so we could feel more satisfied. This means that during February, it was a time for letting go, for releasing what was, and for those hard goodbyes that perhaps we didn’t really want to say.

The thing is, the Universe couldn’t bring us something new if our hands were still filled with everything from yesterday, so a clearing needed to take place before anything new started. But now, things don’t just feel different — they are different.

This means that the new beginning we thought was so far off may actually be just around the corner, or perhaps, it’s already begun.

Often times, we think that the beginning of any relationship has to occur with an agreement that we are now making a commitment to one another. But what about those situations where growth just happens naturally? Friends spending time with one another ends up turning into more, or having a blind date that ended up feeling like you’ve known one another forever.

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Usually, we begin a relationship long before we are consciously aware of it, and this is just one reason why we will be feeling the heat (and spice) turned up in our sex lives thanks to this new moon in Pisces.

Mars is on the scene with this moon in a big way, which is part of the reason we will all be feeling just a little friskier. Mars is the planet that governs sex, so when he rolls onto the scene and in an ambitious and go-getting sign like Aries, the only thing we can do is watch out, because life is about to take a turn for the more pleasurable.

But Pisces is added to this dance too, so it’s not about meaningless sex; rather, it's about the exploration that is possible between two people who feel comfortable and safe with one another. The kind of sexual intensity that we feel during this time will be very much tied to an existing relationship and one that recently has undergone or is a new beginning of sorts.

It’s sex between two people who aren’t just attracted to one another’s bodies, but their souls. And we know there is nothing hotter, deeper, or more satisfying that hot, unabashed soul sex.

We also see Chiron as part of this alignment, and while the wounded healer can sometimes dampen the spirits of some, it seems it will only be helping us initiate some drastic changes in our lives, which is also where that new beginning is coming from.

Eclipse season is over, folks! And with it, the need to drag our feet any longer. This time, the planets are aligning in such a way to help us begin what we’ve already started, and we are also being reminded of what a gift it is when we can connect with someone so intensely in a physical way that the act of sex itself goes from being a biological one to a spiritual one.

Although love, monogamy, and spiritualty are on the table during this transit, so is play, which means we could find ourselves incorporating more toys, food, or even stepping out of the bedroom altogether. When we know that our souls are provided for, we tend to take more risk, and thanks to Mars, all of the risks this month are between the sheets.

Don’t be afraid of wanting to try different positions, styles or even types of sex; it truly is not only the greatest barometer for our relationships, but it also is good for us. The more sex we have, the happier we feel within our relationships and our overall lives.

So give yourself permission to walk on the wild side this month, because you just may find that you like it.  

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