11 New Details About Cult Leader Warren Jeffs Who is Serving Life In Prison For The Sexual Assault Of Two Of His Child Brides

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11 New Details About Warren Jeffs, The Cult Leader Who Had 78 Wives And Over 50 Children
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He married children as young as 12.

The Midwest is known to have a prominent Mormon following, especially in Utah. Since the Church of Latter-Day Saints rejected polygamy, there have been many small groups that broke away from the original Mormon religion and formed their own with self-appointed leaders.

Warren Jeffs is the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and named himself a prophet and the son of God. The FLDS has around 10,000 followers.

The infamous Mormon sect leader who married over 78 women and young girls was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting two minors.

He has been in prison since 2011 but has still been the voice of his cult from behind bars.

A former member of his sect has come forward with horrible details about her life under the religion in a new A&E documentary titled "Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil."

Here is everything you need to know about the Mormon prophet who married children.

1. He forced a 14-year-old girl to marry her cousin.

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A former child bride told Fox News her story about being a part of the FLDS community.

Elissa Wall fled the cult after she was forced to marry her cousin when she was just 14 and now recounts the abuse she suffered under Jeffs' watch.

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“Mentally, it was immediate,” she said. “I was now the property of my cousin. And no matter how resistant I was to him, his job was to get me into submission as quickly as possible… Then the sexual abuse came later as he started to force himself on me and force that my role as a wife was to be at his beck and call and to have his children."

"And when I became resistant to that, then the physical abuse started to take over. And I think the frustration of my cousin, his frustration of being judged for not being a good man because his wife wasn’t submissive and she wasn’t good — that all compounded the problem.”

2. He had 78 wives and over 50 kids.

He married his father’s former wives, children, and even stole other men’s wives. The number of kids Jeffs has fathered is uncertain, though with 78 wives it could be way more than 50.

3. His youngest wife was only 12 years old.

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Merrianne Jessop was Jeffs’ youngest wife, who he married when she was only 12 and he was 50. Jessop was confused when she was told Jeffs was committing a crime by marrying young girls. She was brainwashed into thinking it was normal.

“Heavenly Father is the one that tells Warren when a girl is ready to get married…He is only following the word of Heavenly Father,” Jessop told caseworkers.

4. He would “reassign” wives, kids, and homes.

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As a prophet of the church, Jeffs gave himself the power to assign wives to men, a report by NPR reads.

It also meant that as punishment, he could reassign a man’s wife to someone else. But it didn’t stop with wives; he could also give children to different families.

5. He was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

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Jeffs was wanted by the FBI in the mid-2000s and went into hiding. The fugitive was eventually caught and arrested for his crimes against minors.

6. He is serving a life sentence.

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According to CNN, Jeffs was arrested in 2011 and charged with sexually assaulting his 12-year-old and 15-year-old child brides.

Police confiscated audiotapes from Jeffs that proved he was guilty. At one point, he demands the girl to take her clothes off and not to worry about the pain.

"This is your mission,” Jeffs is heard saying via the recording. “This is how you abide the law.”

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7. He renounced himself over “immoral actions” with his sister and daughter.

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According to court documents, Jeffs was recorded in jail expressing remorse for committing “immoral actions with a sister and a daughter” when he was in his twenties.

It is unclear if the sister and daughter were relatives or church members, as the terms can be used for either in a religious aspect.

In the 2007 recordings, he revoked his own right to be the prophet of the church. He said that the Lord had “revealed to him that he was a wicked man.”

8. He was racist and homophobic.

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"The black race is the people through which the devil has always been able to bring evil unto the earth,” Jeffs once said.

The prophet also stated that anyone who marries a black person would be “cursed” and that the world has suffered a “great evil” because of interracial relationships.

Jeffs believed that being gay was “evil” and was just as bad a sin as murder. "The people grew so evil, the men started to marry the men and the women married the women,” Jeffs said. “This is the worst evil act you can do, next to murder.”

9. There is a new documentary about him.

A&E has created a documentary titled Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil. 

The two-hour special sheds light on the abuse Jeffs' followers endured in the name of religion. It details accounts and experiences of those who escaped the leader's grasp and reveals the evils he has perpetrated.

10. He aims to create a “master race.”

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According to Rolling Stone, the cult leader set up a religion where only men from a “royal bloodline” are allowed to have children.

These “seed bearers” are said to breed only with women who Jeffs approves of and the women’s husbands must watch the act.

Any children born from this “breeding session” are taken into hiding.

11. Suicide is common in the FDLS community.

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A Rolling Stone reporter said that suicide is all too common with the religion.

“Virtually everyone I talk to in Short Creek knows at least one exiled family member who has committed suicide,” the reporter wrote.

Former FLDS member Willie Jessop said his brother and uncle committed suicide after Jeffs reassigned their families.

"They call them Lost Boys, but it's more than that," Jessop said. "It's lost children, it's lost mothers, it's lost women, it's lost men. It's a lot of hurt, and the magnitude of it's beyond my ability to even describe."

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