How The Loving Sun-Mercury Conjunct On February 17th Will Affect Your Horoscope This Week

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Sun conjuncts Mercury
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Sometimes, everything just falls together.

On February 17th, we will experience a Sun-Mercury conjunct, which will make it easier for us to express ourselves and make sense of love. But what can your zodiac sign expect when the Sun conjuncts Mercury, and how will it impact your love horoscope?

A conjunction is when two planets are within 8 degrees of one another orbiting closely together. The reason these are important is that their energies are considered to be united so they essentially act together.

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In this case, we have the Sun, which represents our sense of self and how we operate in the world. It can also deal with our overall purpose and how we see ourselves fitting or not fitting into the environment around us.

As this conjunction occurs, the Sun will be moving into the romantic and intuitive sign of Pisces, casting a glow not just on who we are in the world but also how we love.

Mercury manages our everyday communications — not just how we talk or sound when we write an email or make a phone call, but also in how we are understood by those around us. This planet is also called the winged messenger and manages all aspects of how we are seen, which is why when this planet goes retrograde it throws all of us into a tizzy.

Not only does this planet affect our sense of communication, but it also governs how we talk to ourselves and how we are able to integrate all of our thoughts into comprehensive action.

Whenever the Sun is involved in an astrology aspect, we know that it will be a pivotal moment in relation to our sense of self. In this area not only do we have Pisces involved influencing this aspect with love and beauty, but it’s happening days after our big new moon solar eclipse event in which numerous astrological aspects all point significantly to issues of commitment.

In all of our lives we have areas, specifically our romantic relationships, that often leave us feeling as if we have to work on or figure something out. But for many of us, we will find ourselves stuck in a specific pattern of behavior unable to get out, even if we wanted to.

When we think that an aspect of change could never occur, what we are really saying is that our rational and logical minds can’t figure out a solution, so instead we usually give up and just say it can’t be done. But, in truth, sometimes it’s just not the right time for things to fall together.

Before any big changes in life can be made on the outside, we first need to work it over in our minds. We need to get right about something before we can figure out how we are going to take the necessary steps to create what we can only conceive of.

In terms of our love lives, there’s been something that we’ve all been thinking over since the start of the New Year. Perhaps we are ready for a new relationship, we might be ready to visit that lawyer’s office, or we might even be ready to pop the question.

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Whatever it is hasn’t quite made sense or been figured out during the first six weeks of the year, but gradually as the planets moved from Capricorn, Aquarius, and now into Pisces, not only are we gaining more clarification on our thoughts, but we also are seeing how we can integrate those thoughts into taking action.

In Pisces, Mercury is in Detriment, which means that things can be harder for this planet; yet, it also depends on how we look at the situation. Mercury likes details, the mundane, the critical; Pisces is all about integration, the big picture, and the more powerful universal truths we are all in search for.

In this case, not only is Mercury in Pisces but the Sun will be as well, meaning that the theme here isn’t just communication and truth but how that relates to our sense of self and the loving relationships we choose to participate in.

Mercury in Pisces has to work a little harder, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it makes things difficult; rather, how we communicate shifts from a more cerebral process to a more instinctual and emotional one. The Sun, while not at home in Pisces, still is within a sign that it can work well in, especially because of the depth and spiritual intensity of this sign.

The ideas that we are having right now are not small ones — they are perhaps even bigger than we can even conceive of.

There most likely have been problems that eluded us for far too long when all along the answer was simple and right under our noses; we just haven’t been in a position to be able to truly see that until now.

Between the 15th and this conjunction on the 17th, it’s likely that there will be one if not several "ah-ha" moments in which we suddenly look around and see that things have actually worked out better than we could have anticipated. In some ways we might feign surprise that suddenly it feels as if life is working out, but for better or worse, we have actively participated in the manifestation of this reality.

We have chosen to have hard conversations, to take our time, to communicate even when it wasn’t easy, and because of that are we finally seeing the bigger picture and are able truly communicate our thoughts and ideas to our partners.

This means that during the middle of this month, we could quite literally see a love-fest around us with the starry-eyed couples — not of those in the ideation of love, but in the fateful knowledge that the only reason why two people stay together is that both individuals never stop working to make that happen.

While sometimes things just seem to fall together, at one point or another we actually have to work to make them a reality. 

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