11 Things Only Clueless, Misogynistic Guys Will Say About Women

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These phrases translate into, "I'm a lost cause."

Though they may think otherwise, most men don’t really know what it’s like to be born female. The truth is that it’s not actually physically possible to know, but that doesn’t stop a lot of guys from mansplaining and acting condescending towards women.

Sadly, just about every guy you’ll meet will have a moment where they end up saying something or thinking something that isn’t particularly true about girls.

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That being said, there’s a difference between “trying to learn” and being totally clueless about how you’re behaving toward people. There’s also a difference between being socially awkward and being a lost cause with everyone around you.

If you just don’t understand what you did wrong, but are aware of your ignorance and are trying to improve, it’s possible to get better and overcome obstacles in a relationship.

Clueless guys, on the other hand, are not good dates, nor are they even really that capable of holding a healthy relationship. Make no mistake about it, if your potential date says any of these things, he has a lack of self-awareness needed to be a good partner, or even a decent date.

1. “All women are like that.”

Most often said by the exact same men who squeal, “Not all men are like that,” this phrase reeks of misogyny. Sorry to say, but if he’s decided to paint half the world’s population with the same paintbrush, he’s a lost cause and probably shouldn’t get a reply back.

2. “All girls ever seem to want is the bad boy, never nice guys like me.”

If you’re female and have a pulse, you already have probably heard this whine at least a hundred times. Along with this being the calling card of just about any guy with Nice Guy Syndrome, it also shows that he’s totally clueless about how bad he’s coming off. This is as red a flag as you can get.

3. “I don’t get why women can’t just [insert a list of responsibilities a mile long which would include him contributing almost nothing]. Is that so hard to ask?”

If he thinks that men should just bring home a paycheck (maybe) and expect their spouses to do everything else while also supporting them, he’s clueless. A relationship is a partnership; what he wants isn’t a partner, it’s a slave.

4. “Women need men to survive.”

Nope. Women are perfectly capable of being single and enjoying it. The only reasons why a lot of women struggle being single is because of unequal pay and a society that constantly shoves marriage and kids down their throats.

5. “B***h, I didn’t even want to date you! You’re fat anyway!”

This, or really any form of insulting a person who rejects you, is proof positive that the guy in question is clueless. A guy who tries this thinking it’ll make things better for him is a guy who has no clue how to talk to people, and no clue how many bridges he’s burning. All I gotta say is, “Bye, Felipe!”

6. “Motherhood is easy. Why are you so stressed about it?”

Saying this to any mother is a great way to make sure they never speak to you again. It’s not easy, just trust me on that.

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7. “Oh, you’re a lesbian? Dude, try me out. I bet I can get you to like the D.”

Yes, this happens. Yes, it’s always said by guys who have an ego the size of Mount Rushmore, and the people who would even think this would work are undeniably clueless.

8. “I didn’t know she was uncomfortable!”

This phrase, when uttered about a girl who’s clearly freezing up or backing away from a guy, is a good sign that he’s clueless about how scared he’s making his potential dates. Not a good look, and not a sign that he fully understands consent.

9. “So, how many people have you been with?”

It’s really hard for some guys to believe, but here’s some straight facts: asking this is a surefire sign you’re clueless in bed. A guy who asks a girl this question is one who’s insecure and also doesn’t understand boundaries.

10. “Can you send me nudes?”

Why do guys think this is normal, again? Oh, that’s right. They’re clueless.

11. “Give me a fair chance!”

Yes, we wish love was a meritocracy, but it’s not. If you act like it is, you’re clueless as to how love works. Sadly, a guy who says this is not a guy who realizes how bad it sounds or what a whiny little brat he’s being.

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