How February's Liberating 'Black Moon' Will Affect Your Life This Month

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February black moon
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We need the quiet to hear what matters most.

During February 2018, there will be no full moon because of the length of the lunar cycles, resulting in a February black moon. The last time this occurred was in February 1999.

When we have a month with no full moon, we will see January and March with two, as we have this year, with the second being the blue moon. Not only will this affect your horoscope, but depending on your zodiac sign, you'll see a shift in your life.

We hear so much about how the new and full moon impacts our lives, but there is something surprisingly different about a month with no full moon at all. Traditionally, it’s called a black moon month because it is in a phase that is similar to the new moon in which we don’t see her in her full glory all month.

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There have been superstitions about this type of phenomenon in which it’s said that the black moon represents the end of humanity and life on earth, but the phases of darkness that we all naturally experience are frightening to some.

But this month, it’s not about superstitions or theories — it’s simply about having room to breathe.

The super blood blue moon lunar eclipse that we saw on January 31st rocked many of our lives so deeply that it’s impossible to sort through the lessons and dreams instantly. Instead, we are gifted the month of February to withdraw a little, to embrace the quiet, and to learn what we hear when the rest of the world becomes silent.

The eclipse season is always one that has the power to change our lives, and while some may speculate whether those changes are positive or negative, it’s neither — it’s simply necessary. For so many, we saw and felt sudden changes in our relationships where the truth came out after so long, and because of that we broke up or just ended up meandering around unsure of what the next step was to take.

It’s impossible for us to learn the lesson of a situation immediately because we are still feeling such a strong emotional connection to it. Instead, we need to step back. To calm down and let the situation speak for itself regardless of what it says.

This month, if we are brave enough to give up control and simply take a step back, we will see not only what was always there but what has been trying to grow as well. We all have plans when it comes to life; we all have storylines of how we think life will go, but it rarely goes that way.

Usually, when things don’t go our way, we become disheartened, hopeless and perhaps we even give up to a degree. But as contradictory as that is, it’s the only way the magic can start to occur. Once we give up on our dreams, we can see what dreams never give up on us.

Around the time of the eclipse there were so many broken hearts. Not just from relationships gone bad but also from situations that seemed to not be going anywhere. The eclipse left us with handfuls of tears and questions about where to go from here. This is what February is for.

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During this February black moon month, we will be gently held and supported by the universe to not only heal but also grow. The thing to remember with months like this is that not everything that seems over truly is, but in order for things to grow, they also have to change. So often what appears to be an ending is really only a pause.

We live life within chapters. Some are supportive, in which we are building foundations and dreams; others are climaxes to storylines, and still there are those where it seems all is lost. These chapters or moments in time are when everything within the world loses its meaning, because somehow, we feel as if we’ve become lost to the world and to ourselves.

When we’re within these moments of our lives, these spaces of heartache and brokenness feel as if we will never be happy again, as if love is lost completely to us forever. We can’t see a way out and we can’t make sense of our situation and why things had to happen the way they did, so we sink ourselves into the darkness believing that never is the only forever we’ll ever taste.

But what we often forget or are unable to see is that within these moments, life is happening. We don’t get from one happy snapshot to another without going through something that feels like it’s going to break us; the difference is that no one captures those moments because no one wants to remember the pain.

During these few dark weeks of February, everything will be changing, even if it appears that nothing is at all.

February is our space between our happy snapshots, the moment where we are faced with ourselves and all of our dreams and pain. It’s the time when we have to give up believing our own lies and limitations, and instead choose to be done with who we were once and for all. We can be the same, or we can be better.

Growth is hard earned, fought for over bloody knuckles and tear-streaked faces that taste of despair. It happens when we are faced with our worst fears and when we think we’ve made it through the worst.

During this month of our no full moon black moon, we will be drawn toward the quiet and the obscure. It’s a time for quiet conversations with those we love to figure out where to go from here, and for those moments where we decide to look at ourselves in the mirror.

If after the eclipse you were still standing, it means that what has stayed is meant to, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to make it through the other side; all we have to do is decide to not run this time. Because the truth is, love doesn’t ever give up on us. 

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