What Makes A Sagittarius Happy?

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What Makes A Sagittarius Happy?

One of the luckiest zodiac signs in astrology is Sagittarius, and when push comes to shove, their main objective is to be happy.

Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth and good fortune, Sagittarius is destined for big things, and that includes everything that their zodiac sign is associated with.

Travel. Knowledge with a deep understanding of culture and a love of all people, Sagittarius zodiac signs were made to experience all that life has to offer.

If you know and love a Sagittarius zodiac sign, you are already familiar with their sense of humor and love of adventure.

When they are free to be themselves, nothing is better for the Sag sign. Freedom to be is what puts them on cloud nine.

So, what makes a Sagittarius happy?

Live and let live is their motto, and like it or not, they will live life their way (and never apologize for it).

Freedom is what makes Sagittarius *extremely* happy. They don't need to be independent, they just are.

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No one can tie a Sagittarius down, not in love or career; and this is what makes other zodiac signs jealous.

Because of this, it can be hard to know how to please a Sagittarius who seems to need nothing from you unless they ask for it.

But, it's really simple to understand what makes this zodiac sign happy when you view a person through their horoscope or astrology.

Here's what sparks joy in the heart of a Sagittarius, per astrology:

1. Sagittarians love to travel.

Sagittarius LOVES to explore and their number one goal in life is to see the world.

They want to see it through your eyes, by experiencing what other people dare not try and to test limits.

They are adventurers at heart and crave new experiences.

Invite your Sagittarius friend on a weekend getaway to a new destination if you want to see them smile.

Bonus points if it’s somewhere exotic.

2. They love to eat.

Sagittarius doesn’t just enjoy exploring new places, they love trying new foods too!

An ideal vacay for a Sagittarius would be a taste testing of new cuisines in a new and exciting place.

If you can’t travel with your Sagittarius friends, bring exotic cuisine to them! Set up a night to try a new recipe together.

This is bound to bring happiness to the Sagittarius in your life.

3. Confident partners make a Sagittarius happy.

A Sagittarius finds happiness in relationships that allow both parties' personal freedom.

Whether you’re dating a Sagittarius or are just friends with one, know that they don’t want you to need them 24/7.

They appreciate having people in their life who do their own thing and exhibit independence.

This could be because they enjoy having time to themselves and this is usually easier if both parties have their own hobbies, etc.

4. They love eccentricity.

Sagittarius is a sucker for awesome style and tries to always dress to impress.

They are happiest when the whole squad is looking fire.

If you’re going to hang out with a Sagittarius, leave the sweatpants at home and put on your best fit.

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5. They are happy when they look and feel good.

Don’t show up sporting a messy bun either, Sagittarius will take no part in a subpar look.

A Sagittarius enjoys looking and feeling their best. They expect those around them to act the same as well.

If you don’t have good hygiene or serve looks, don’t expect to hang out with a Sagittarius.

6. Sagittarius loves knowledge.

Sagittarius is a lifelong learner and always wants to learn more.

They love to read and explore new topics. Surprise your Sagittarius BFF with a trip to the library or a lecture on something new.

7. They are happiest when speaking their mind.

A Sagittarius loves it when you come to them for advice.

They are great people to ask too because they are always honest and keep your best interest in mind.

They appreciate others seeking out their input and they love to help point you in the right direction.

8. Spontaneity makes a Sagittarius happy.

Sagittarius likes to take things one day at a time and they don’t enjoy making a ton of plans.

They prefer to be spontaneous and think outside of the box.

Sagittarius will never ‘pencil you in’, they’ll simply call you up at the last minute to say they’re on their way over.

9. Honesty and transparency make Sagittarius happy, too.

Sagittarius doesn’t like to play games or guess what you’re thinking.

They appreciate it more when people are upfront about their feelings, even if it’s not what they want to hear.

If you try to keep a Sagittarius guessing or play hard to get, you’ll likely end up losing them altogether.

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