12 Enviable Traits Of An Adventurous Person

Being adventurous is a personality and an adventurous person has these enviable traits.

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Nothing excites an adventurous person more than a new experience and an opportunity to get out of their comfort zone.

Not all people are adventurous by nature, but lots of people can learn from adventurous people, who seem to know how to get happiness out of everything and anything in life.

An adventurous person is a person willing to take chances — someone who is fond of risks and excitement, and inclined to undertake new experiences. 


Being adventurous is a personality and adventurous people have certain traits that make them who they are. Their personality traits can be very desirable from a person who might not feel as adventurous or courageous

We can learn a lot from and aspire to eventually gain the courage and strength to pick up some of the characteristics of an adventurous person and then maybe we will live a more fun life and have even more stories to tell.

If you're wondering what it takes to become an adventurous person, then you need to know what traits make a person adventurous. 

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1. They don't hesitate to leave their comfort zone.

In fact, most adventurous people don't know what a comfort zone even is. If you asked them how they step out of their comfort zone they would say everything is in their comfort zone.

There's nothing that an adventurous person wouldn't try and that's what makes them unlike any other person.

They are so brave, daring, a bit risky, and always enthusiastic. You have a lot to learn from an adventurous person if you have trouble stepping out of your comfort zone. 

2. They like nonconformity.

Adventurous people are known for liking the idea of nonconformity as they live by their own code of life and way of being. They are only influenced by themselves and their own interests. No one else can persuade them into doing or not doing something.


If they want to go on an adventure, no matter how dangerous, no one can stop them. They also aren't influenced by the norms of society and aren't ever persuaded by what other people do, unless they are also interested in something similar already. 

3. They know how to say "yes."

It's okay to say no sometimes to things in life, but when it comes to any and all adventures or opportunities of a lifetime, without a doubt, an adventurous person will say yes. They never turn down an opportunity to have an adventure and to be able to create a story.

No matter if the adventure or challenge seems risky or dangerous they will say yes. They aren't even scared by risky situations as adventurous people find them inspiring and stimulating. 

4. They live for a challenge.

Adventurous people love to put themselves to the test and see how strong they are mentally and physically. There is no challenge in life that they won't say yes to.


They love the thrill of a high-risk adventure no matter how dangerous it is. Some adventurous people even go so far as to call themselves daredevils and like life-or-death adventures. 

5. They're spontaneous.

Adventurous people like to take life by the reins and let it lead them to wherever, and because of this, an adventurous person doesn't like a strict routine. They need to have the opportunity and space to be free and make their own choices without being tied down to responsibilities or the same old boring routine.

They love adding encouraging experiences scattered about throughout their week so they never get bored or feel lazy. 

6. They're independent.

The belief that everyone should be independent is something that adventurous people take to heart. Adventurous people believe that everyone in this world should feel free to be themselves and be responsible for themselves in life.


They don't really worry too much or at all about others in life unless of course, it were a really close family member or something. Even then, an adventurous person would want the ones they love to have a similar outlook as them on being independent.

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7. They want to explore the world.

The best thing about an adventurous person is their ambition and goal to see the whole world maybe even all seven continents. There are never any boundaries for them and they love flying free and exploring wherever, whenever, and with whoever.

They can turn anything anywhere into an adventure and that's really inspiring. 


8. They are very persuasive.

Even though an adventurous person is capable of traveling alone and exploring by themselves it's hard for them not to convince others to come with them. They might be telling a friend about their upcoming trip or a family member and it sounds too good to miss out on, they might even convince that person to go with them. 

Adventurous people are also great to have as a friend as they are perfect motivators and positive energy people. They will even help persuade you to do what you have been afraid or scared to do and you can learn to be less scared and more courageous from an adventurous person. 

9. They don't believe in dreams, only realities. 

Dreams aren't only dreams for an adventurous person, dreams are their reality. They can make any dream come true, especially if it comes with adventure. There is no force in the world that will stop their fearless spirit. 

They will not let their dreams be unfulfilled. Nothing will stop them from making their dreams come true, they just do it. 


10. They encourage wanderlust.

Adventurous people love to always be moving in life. They never want to settle down because they always have the urge to pick up and go or move out and move on.

There's nothing that will stop them from exploring. They also don't worry about finding work to do as they live by their talents, ingenuity, and wits. 

11. They see life lessons in all experiences.

There is nothing a true adventurer believes in more than life lessons. There are no bad experiences for them, only things to learn from and move forward with.


Being a daring person has both advantages and disadvantages. However, adventurous people know how to turn those disadvantages into life lessons and turn them around in a more positive outlook. 

Learning from mistakes and bad experiences is very stimulating to them and satisfying. They learn from past experiences and know what they like and don't like.

12. They have a young spirit and no regrets.

Adventurous people are high-spirited, wild, and fun people who are always looking to have fun and try new things. 

They are courageous, bold, tough, and live in the present. They don't waste time regretting things in life, and live life as a free and youthful spirit, no matter how old they are.


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