How The February 2018 Astrology Forecast Will Affect Your Love Life This Month

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February love horoscope
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Love is always worth it.

We all know that February is known as the love month thanks to Valentine’s Day, but if you feel like there is something special in this year, then you’re right! And you can thank astrology for providing your February love horoscope, and what it means for your zodiac sign.

2018 began with a super full moon and whenever that happens, we are guaranteed that anything that comes after is going to be anything but ordinary. What is especially interesting are the astrological events that we are seeing during the first three months of the year that have a certain once-in-a-lifetime type of energy about them, as if certain occurrences or feelings are all pointing us in the direction of something much bigger than we thought.

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We started off the year with a blue moon month, meaning that two full moons, both of them super moons, occurred within the same month. That in itself is rare, but for the second full moon, it’s also a blood moon and lunar eclipse.

While all of this is happening in January, it’s important because the effects of eclipse moons like this one last for about 2 to 3 weeks after, bringing us right into February and, you guessed it, Valentine’s Day! But there’s more, too.

With moons, we can’t just look at one month because everything, just like in nature, is tied together. This means that we also have to mention what is going on in March in order to fully embrace our February love horoscope.

Any time we see a month that has a blue moon, we know it’s a rare occurrence. In January’s case, the super blue blood moon actually happens to be super-duper rare, not having occurred for 150 years! Because of the moon cycle in January, we won’t be seeing any full moon in February, which will be heavily affecting all of us during the month; yet, in March we have another month with a blue moon.

February literally is bookended by two months in which we see a blue moon; to say this is rare is even oversimplifying it.

So many people have been commenting or questioning this rare astrology and there is some very big energy at play in our lives over the course of the next few weeks. As we wrap up January, we are tired of the old or anything for that matter that feels like it's holding us back.

As we lead into February, our eyes are fixed on the future. This month of love is also known as a black moon month because there will be no full moon. Usually, full moons are seen as times of completion to some degree, but when they are part of the eclipse cycle they take on the form of initiating drastic change and new beginnings, and then we sit through February without any full moon at all.

But this is actually exactly what we need, because February has something truly big in store for all of us.

Not everyone is at the place where they are going to be having a new beginning within their relationship, but that doesn’t mean there’s still not some aspect of newness that will be taking place. The themes around this are that the eclipse moon on January 31st will kick-start the themes of a new beginning and that will carry all the way through until the first full moon on March 2nd.

February is the time when we could see people being more likely to enter into new relationships, move in together, or have another type of commitments. We could see another insurgence of engagements as well during this time because of being so future-focused, thanks to all the Aquarius energy that we will be feeling.

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During the time between the eclipse and the March full moon, we could see a lot of pregnancies occurring because of the intensity and fruitfulness of the February new moon, which is a time when a woman’s cycle is supposed to begin.

Traditionally, February has been a time when we feel pressure to be in some sort of relationship because heaven forbid we are single on Valentine’s Day — a sentence worse than death. But that energy will be different this year thanks to Aquarius, who will be encouraging us to not only speak our truth but also encouraging us to not be afraid to live it.

Not everyone is in a relationship at the same time, and sometimes we just find ourselves unexpectedly single, yet that doesn’t mean we have to curl up and be invisible. There is nothing more incredible than being in a healthy relationship where both people’s needs are being met, but there’s also nothing worse than being in a relationship just because we’re afraid of being alone.

Relationships only work when they are for the right reasons and when they are mutually built, so unless it’s actually worth your time, this month we’re going to be realizing where our time is better spent.

There is definitely going to be this truth embracing energy around us for the month of February that not only will be encouraging singles to enjoy their lives but also for couples to come together and be more authentic in their relationships.

Sometimes, there is that draw in relationships to be agreeable for the sake of love because we don’t want to anger or upset our partner, but the minute we stop speaking the truth, even gently, is also the moment that we stop truly being ourselves. This month, those couples who are able to embrace and speak the truth to one another will find their level of intimacy deepens.

February is an intense time of building and of coming together to grow and expand. It’s a time where we are going to be more of ourselves and embrace those that encourage us to do just that. We are going to want to seize those new opportunities for love because there is no reason to wait for something that we’re already sure of. 

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