How Aquarius Season, Starting January 20th, Will Affect Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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Aquarius season
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On Saturday, January 20th, the sun will enter the air sign of Aquarius, in which we will officially enter Aquarius season, giving us all a much needed reprieve from the domineering energy of Capricorn. This independent and free-thinking sign will sweep in, challenging us to step away from business as usual and instead help us to see possibilities we never knew existed before, other than what we read in our horoscope.

Since the start of the year, in astrology, we’ve seen a lot of Capricorn energy, to say the least, and even that is an understatement. In total, there have been 7 planets in this sign, putting us on overload with its sense of ambition, planning and dedication. This unto itself is a good thing but life is also about balance, and with this many planets in Capricorn that has not been a possibility.

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In the beginning it was helpful as we needed to start off 2018 differently, not just because it was a new year but also because we needed to continue working on relationships and aspects of growth that we had started the previous year. It wasn’t about unfinished business but about the continuation of something bigger than us.

Capricorn likes commitment and because of that we saw it affect a lot of relationships, either through an engagement or breaking up. This is because Capricorn doesn’t like to waste time where there is no sense of growth, where it seems that the relationship has reached a state of stagnation.

During this intense time of Capricorn energy, it has drawn out the best qualities within relationships and weeded out those where work still has to be done either on a personal or interpersonal level. But just because we needed it, doesn’t mean that we can’t have too much of a good thing.

At this point of the year, we are just about feeling at our max with all this "working hard, let’s go get it" kind of energy. After all, it’s only January and it seems that we have already accomplished and figured out more than we did in months prior.

Even if we knew we needed to work on things, and it feels good to do so, we’re still looking for a break in all this energy. And this is where Aquarius comes in.

She is light where Capricorn can feel heavy. She is "let’s sit down" where Capricorn wants to keep going. Aquarius is that mental break that we are in desperate need of at this point. Yet, it’s not necessarily going to feel like we all hope it will.

Each year, Aquarius season brings a different energy to it. Sometimes it feels like it purely comes in to remind us what really matters, or to wake us up from the status quo, but this time her energy is different.

Even though we are moving into Aquarius season and Venus will be following suit in this sign soon, we are still going to working hard — the only difference is how we go about it and the results we will be seeking differ from what we had previously imagined.

This year, Aquarius is all about helping us see the bigger pictures in our love lives.

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Sometimes we become so focused on how we think things should be that we neglect to see them for what they truly are, and this is what this welcome Aquarius energy will help us see. In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of make it or break it energy at play, which we have seen show up in very real ways in our love lives.

It’s been a time to see how we’ve been communicating, how we are feeling in our relationship, and if we can discuss these issues and feelings with our partner. In some cases, we’ve found that talking about the big issues helps bring us even closer together and build a more solid foundation of intimacy, while others have discovered that when they don’t talk about the small things, the bigger things tend to erupt. The reality is nothing that is truly meant to be will ever be over.

If the past few weeks have felt stressful, but you and your partner are slowly or even gradually talking about the issues together and expressing your feelings, then pause and send some gratitude to one another for continually showing up to do the work together. Unfortunately, it’s never in easy circumstances that we discover how strong we really are, but in the more difficult ones.

If you’ve found yourself on edge more lately and you and your partner are almost not speaking the same language, take heart because the energy will be changing and will help you to see what needs to change. Relationships are complex — not because love is but because people are.

It’s also sometimes difficult to remember that the point of romantic relationships isn’t just to love, have (hopefully) great sex and to feel good — it’s to grow together, to challenge one another ,and support each other in the quest to become your best possible selves. 

With Aquarius season just beginning, it’s going to ask us to step away from the drawing board, to stop looking at planning every minute and to see where our lives and relationships are trying to take us.

Perhaps you’ll discover that you’re being led to somewhere you never thought possible, or a relationship that you had never considered. Or, maybe you’ll realize that just because there is a ring on your finger now, doesn’t mean that the work is actually over.

But it is a break from thinking that we have to have everything figured out now, and it’s a moment where we can pause where we are and appreciate how far we’ve come, as well as realize that sometimes not knowing where we are going can end up being the best course to set.

Because when nothing is set in stone, anything becomes possible. 

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