Awful Tweets Uncovered From The Neo-Nazi Teen Who Killed His Girlfriend's Parents After They Forbid Her From Dating Him

Photo: Huffington Post
Nicolas Giampa

He tweeted about using Jews as target practice.

Though police have not officially named the neo-Nazi teenager who shot and killed his girlfriend's parents, the Huffington Post has identified him as 17-year-old Nicholas Giampa. 

On Dec. 22, the Virgina teen snuck into his girlfriend's home and went upstairs to her bedroom. When her parents, Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43 and Scott Fricker, 48, walked in and found him, he shot them dead and then turned the gun on himself. He's still in critical condition at the hospital and is being treated for a brain injury.

Buckley and Scott had recently forbidden their daughter — who is not being named — from seeing Giampa after they discovered that he was a neo-Nazi. Buckley had found tweets he wrote supporting Adolf Hitler, white nationalism and endorsing a novel about race wars. Just days before the murder, she had reported the account to the private school for students with special needs that both he and her daughter attended. 

One of Giampa's family members told the Huffington Post that he was "on the spectrum" for autism and had struggled for years with mental illness. It's unclear why Buckley and Scott's daughter attended the school. 

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Giampa allegedly used a Twitter account under the name Kevin Gallo. He posted memes of swastikas and talked about using Jews as target practice. He bragged about talking a transgender person into committing suicide. 

After Buckley discovered the account and reported to the school, she urged her daughter to break up with Giampa. Though she resisted at first, she eventually agreed. 

It's still unclear as to why Giampa snuck into their house that night.

There were four other family members in the home the night of the killing, including the couple's 10-year-old son. 

The Fairfax County Police has charged him as a minor with the murders. Officials say they are waiting for his condition to improve before serving him. Because he is a minor, police have withheld his name. 

Though he was tweeting and retweeting racist things for the past year or so, he didn't publicly identify himself as a Nazi until this past November. 

"Cringe," Giampa wrote in response to a news article about Papa Johns telling Nazis not to by its pizza. "Literally no self respecting national socialist d--krides a jewish sellout like a Trump." He signs it off with "a actual nazi." 

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And it wasn't just online that Giampa expressed his extreme views. Friends and neighbors who described him as "trouble" said they saw him moving a 40-foot swastika sign into a field by his home just a few months before the murders. 

“We live in a very safe neighborhood where kids can ride their bikes and not worry about anything,” said neighbor, Penny Potter. “For the first time, I was fearful that there was someone living in our neighborhood who was capable of incredibly irrational behavior. If you see something that makes you say ‘Huh,’ just call police. They can tell you if it’s appropriate.”

It's also still unclear as to where Giampa adopted his racist and white nationalist views. Both of his parents took down their Facebook pages after the murders and have declined to comment. However, before his mother, Marilyn Breedlove-Giampa, deleted her profile, she reportedly posted her support for Confederate stature in cities and praised Confederate generals. 

“I apologize for all the unhappiness for everyone. I am sincerely sorry,” said one of Giampa’s family members told the Huffington Post. “In the end, we need one more gun law. Any address, anywhere, that has mental illness, there cannot be guns.”

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