How The Full Moon In Cancer Affects Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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full moon in Cancer
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On January 1st, 2018, we will experience our first full moon of the New Year — and with it, the opportunity to be challenged to see just how far we’re all willing to go for the love that we say we want. It’s the start of a new year, a new cycle and the possibility to truly step back and have things be different than they were before.

This is the last super moon in a trio that we have seen since November 2017, suggesting that there is a completion taking place. Another interesting aspect of this full moon in Cancer is that it will host the vibration of 11:11, which is an important part of synchronicity and twin flame relationships.

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The moon is occurring on the first day of the first month of an 11 year, but it’s also occurring at 11 degrees Cancer as well, suggesting that this moon truly is going to be an important one, especially in terms of fate and destiny.

It seems that many of us are reluctant to believe in the idea of fate and destiny, almost as if those are just simply fantasies. Yet, if we truly looked at our lives, most of us will admit that we do feel there is a greater plan at place than just our own.

Recently, many of us have been waking up to the idea of twin flame romantic relationships in which we become united with our ultimate soul match — a union that truly is fated from the first breaths we take on earth. Given the high frequency of 11 associated with this lunation, which is also a sign and frequency of twin flames, it seems that this moon will provide a turning point of sorts for those involved in this type of relationship.

But whether or not we have found our twin flame, this full moon in Cancer is going to be affecting all of us in terms of our hearts and romantic relationships.

Cancer is the sign of home and family; it’s the sign where we feel deeply about those people and situations that are closest to us. Opposite Capricorn, which governs ambition, hard work and dedication, means we are going to be feeling some deep emotions arise about our closest personal relationships.

It's almost as if there will be a magnifying lens on our hearts illuminating any sort of unbalance. This will be a time when the good will is evident, but also the negative.

If there are issues within the relationship, this super moon will only make them harder to ignore.

But as with anything, it’s not just about noticing what’s going on within the relationship but how they are going to be addressed or fixed. We are going to be having several aspects with Venus, Neptune and Mars, which will be lending their energy to the overall feelings we will be encountering.

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With Venus and Cancer on the scene, there will be no shortage of love, but in this case, it isn’t just enough to feel it, but what you are going to do because of it.

As we all know, love is not just a word but an action, and this moon is truly going to want to be shown through that avenue of expression. We’ve been building on something for a while now, quietly assembling and forming our foundation. 

And while this moon marks a completion point, it’s also about what that next step is. Simply, this full moon in Cancer will be asking us to take that next step.

Perhaps we’ve preferred inaction or illusion, but after all this time, we’re now being spurred on by Mars into taking action and manifesting the reality that we want to be living. This might mean that we sit down with a partner and address what’s on our mind, or more likely, it will mark a significant turning point in a relationship.

There is always a before and after, and right now we are all expectant with the sweet taste of anticipation on our lips, and this moon is guaranteed to be anything but boring.

Neptune is also on the scene for this moon and will be expressing his more positive traits such as romance and soulful connections. Sometimes, when Neptune forms an aspect, we speculate as to whether we are truly feeling what we are feeling or if it is only an illusion. But with this moon, it’s bringing out the best aspects of it.

Neptune is here to sweeten the deal, showing us that if we’re willing to put in the work (Mars) then we’ll receive the reward (Venus).

What this translates to is that it will definitely be a moon that will pull heavily on our heartstrings. We’re going to feel everything more deeply and be moved to take action, whether it’s to have a conversation or to take the relationship to the next level of commitment.

We’re going to be faced with how we want this new year to truly begin and for once it’s not going to be enough to just talk about it. But we’re going to be fueled to actually make any necessary changes.

Remember: we’re building upon what we already started, so it’s not a blank slate but the continuation of a story.

For those who are unattached, this moon will be asking us to sit with our feelings about where we are in our lives and focus on the areas or aspects of ourselves and lives that we want to change. Important questions like “Am I truly happy?” “Do I want a relationship?” and “Am I prepared to be in a relationship?” will all be present, asking us to take inventory of where we are at now so that we can take action (Mars again) to go in the direction of our dreams.

It’s the time of choosing to no longer look back, but instead, focus ahead and take the necessary steps to move forward into our future. 

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