New Details About Kendall Jenner's Boyfriend —​ And Why He's Fighting For Custody Of His Two Kids

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His ex-fiancee claims he abandoned his family to find a high-profile relationship.

Kendall Jenner's boyfriend has reportedly filed for legal paternity of the two children he shares with his ex-fiancée. 

Blake Griffin took the first step to determine legal custody of a child right after he started dating Kendall. His two children, 4-year-old Ford and 1-year-old Finley, are currently in the custody of their mother, former USC basketball player Brynn Cameron. 

She and Blake broke up in July 2017, but she was reportedly living in his home with their kids until he started seeing Kendall in August. 

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Apparently, Brynn waited until Blake and Kendall went public with their relationship before she would move out of their house. Since he filed for legal custody, she responded by seeking joint custody with him while also establishing child support based on of his annual salary. 

Blake is an NBA star who just signed a $173 million deal with the Los Angeles Clippers. 

His contract doesn't include the endorsement deals he also receives. He's currently sidelined because of a knee injury he received a few weeks ago. 

Brynn is reportedly not too happy about Blake and Kendall's relationship. In her report to the judge, she said she feels like he exchanged their life together for glamorous one with Kendall.

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The couple was first rumored to be together in August when they were seen together at a nightclub. Since then, they've been seen a lot together, including her sitting courtside at his games and him being included at her intimate 22nd birthday. 

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“Kendall and Blake are seeing each other. They have been hanging out a lot and are having fun together,” an insider told Us Weekly. “It’s a little early to call them boyfriend and girlfriend. Kendall won't settle down soon – she is busy and likes her freedom.”

Reports also say that Blake will argue the amount that Brynn is seeking. This could be the beginning of a bad custody war. 

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