New Details About The Woman Who Witnessed Harvey Weinstein Attempting To Rape Her Colleague And Was Paid $160K For Her Silence

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Zelda Perkins said she confronted the former mogul about attacking her colleague in 1998.

Another woman has publicly come forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. Zelda Perkins told BBC's Newsnight that she confronted the former mogul of attempting to rape one of her colleagues. 

It was 1998. Perkins was in her mid-20s and working as one of Weinstein's assistants at the 1998 Venice Film Festival. She said she found her friend shaking and in shock and confronted him about what happened. 

"He said nothing at all had happened," Perkins said during the interview. "He swore on the life of his wife and his children, which was his best get-out-of-jail card that he used quite a lot."

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When she and her colleague returned back to the United Kingdom, Perkins spoke with her only senior in the Miramax offices. She was told to get a lawyer. 

"We both resigned from the company, [feeling] that we didn't have many options because we hadn't gone to the police when we were in Venice and we didn't have any physical evidence," Perkins said. "Ultimately, it would be two under-25 women's word against Harvey Weinstein, Miramax and essentially the Disney company." 

Perkins left Miramax later that year and signed a nondisclosure agreement that guaranteed her $168,000 to not say anything about the attempted rape. It also required Weinstein to seek therapy, but she doesn't know if that ever happened. Not that she thinks it would have helped. 

"I don't think he's a sex addict," she said. "He's a power addict. Everything that drove him was about dominance with men and women. He put an enormous amount of energy into humiliating men and an enormous amount of energy into getting women to submit."

"That was what drove him: his overarching need for power."

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Perkins described her time as one of Weinstein's assistants as a rollercoaster that did come with its high moments. 

"Everyone now sees Harvey as this repulsive monster, which he was and is on one hand, but what is interesting and isn't brought forward is that he was an extremely exciting, brilliant, stimulating person to be around," she said. "He was a master manipulator and his moods changed very quickly and you never knew if you were his confidante and going to be screamed at." 

Weinstein lawyers denied Perkins' allegations of attempted rape and threatening behavior. He's been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment and assault and continues to deny all allegations. 

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