The Best Classic Shows And Movies To Stream On Amazon Prime Instant Video

Best Movies Classic Shows On Amazon Prime Instant Video
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What’s the great American pastime? Watching tv, of course. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have tv dinners. Television has been a part of the American family for decades now. Many parents grew up watching television and sharing shows they watched as kids are a way to teach family values.

The best thing for an easily bored person is a new episode of their favorite tv show. The second best thing is a rerun of their favorite episodes. A phrase people frequently say and hear is that newer shows are dumber than older shows.

I think we all just love what we know. A lot of times, we’ll rewatch certain shows because they bring about a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Newer shows that come out don’t compare because we don’t assign sentimental value.

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Nowadays, not only do we have reruns, and some current movies remind us of the great shows that once were available on late night television.

But we also have services that save older and newer shows so that we can watch them long after their networks stop ordering new episodes. 

One of these services is Amazon Prime, which lists new shows as well as older classics that you can watch as soon as you pay for a membership that you can share with your kids and another adult.

Different people will watch different shows.

But, the kind of show that tends to resonate with everyone is the sitcom. The term 'sitcom' is short for situational comedy, and just like with comedy, sitcoms can deal with different topics.

Not only that, but they can present them in different ways each time. This allows for different viewers to relate and feel loyal to a certain series.

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Frequently, sitcoms deal with families or other types of emotional relationships because nothing is more interesting to a human than other humans. Humans that they can relate to and humans that they can’t understand.

These shows also deal with universal themes which is important because it’s important to find common ground between different people from all walks of life. Otherwise, ratings can’t be stable.

Read on to find out what the 15 best Amazon Prime classics are! 

1. I Love Lucy 

This show is so popular, even decades later, because it’s so darn funny. However, it was a trailblazer for its time in so many ways. Lucille Ball was a beautiful redheaded comedienne married to a Cuban man named Ricky.

Not only did she create a star in a show that made interracial marriages more acceptable by reflecting her own, she also made it possible for socially taboo topics work as part of storylines.

She made sure that the show had the rights to air reruns and went on to own her company called Desilu which made other popular shows possible such as Star Trek, The Untouchables, and Mission: Impossible. 

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2. The Andy Griffith Show

Part of why this show worked was because Andy was an authentic Southern gentleman from South Carolina. His warmth was felt off and on the screen by everyone who knew him.

That was what made his death in 2012 so much more painful for those who loved him. He also had a great sense of humor and an equally strong faith in God. This led him to become a multi-faceted artist who recorded songs in the gospel and country genres.

Although the show couldn’t have been more different from the glamorous trailblazer, I Love Lucy, it was still a trendsetter that prepared American audiences for subsequent shows such as The Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres.

3. Golden Girls

This show was another trailblazer for women in its time. There’s a preconceived notion that men make jokes and women are supposed to laugh. This is on top of women feeling like they owe it to the world to be beautiful.

Not only were the golden girls in their golden years, they held their own as comediennes and literally ran the show. Each one had their own quirk that made them relatable characters transforming the show into a timeless classic.

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4. Twilight Zone

This sci-fi favorite was created by a writing animal named Rod Serling. Not only was the show based off of great writing, it also allowed for amateur writers to send in script ideas for future episodes.

Looney Toons parodied the popular show and Star Trek characters appeared in episodes as well. A disco song sampled the theme song too. If this isn’t proof that it’s resonated with people throughout time, I don’t know what is.


MASH is so loveable because it explores the idea of war without glamorizing it. It’s still a hilarious show with relatable characters. Each character has their own distinct personality so that we can pick and choose who we identify with as individuals.

A lot of the show is dependent on character development and how they deal with their challenges. It’s a show that makes viewers cry and laugh.

6. Gilligan’s Island 

The concept for this show is a little more out there too. A group of characters can’t leave an island. Again, what makes this show great is that it has relatable characters.

Although much of the show you learn to predict in every episode, the characters become like your friends. Just because you start getting to know about your friends’ predictable behaviors doesn’t mean you stop liking them. 

7. Leave It To Beaver


Although this show was incredibly traditional and had its critics, it was also refreshingly edgy for viewers. It dealt with difficult topics such as divorce and alcoholism.

The show was centered around children who wanted to grow as they learned which differs from today’s youth-worshipping culture. June, the show’s matriarch, was a loving mother yet a strong woman as well. She was an authority figure and therefore an important character for the show.

8. I Dream of Jeannie

This show was a different take on female gender stereotypes. For example, the show tackles the female stereotype of needing to please men. However, it does it through making Jeannie...a genie.

She grants her love’s every wish and prevents him from interacting with other women who she fears will take him away from her. She’s also in a revealing outfit.

9. Happy Days

This show is another American classic that featured lovable characters. There are some critics who might think this show gained popularity once it sold its soul.

Originally, the show was centered around an innocent teenager but provided a reminiscent look on adolescence.

Once it started losing ratings, it began to include the innocent teenager’s more wild biker counterpart.

Despite the naysayers, diversity in characters is a good move because it attracts different viewers and broadens an audience.

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10. The Brady Bunch

This show, also centered around a family like others, had so many life lessons to teach its viewers.

This surely is one of the reasons why it’s become a classic too. A classic lesson from the classic show is to be yourself because faking your identity is what gets people into trouble.

The show’s characters also learn and teach their audience to strive for accomplishments without becoming arrogant.

Most importantly, the show taught its viewers to beware of bad role models because, often times, someone’s bad habits or behaviors come from them having bad role models.

11. The Addams Family

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky. They’re all-together ooky and you probably read these sentences with their theme song in mind. This is my personal favorite because they were a weird family yet healthy and supportive of each other.

The matriarch and patriarch of the show were in a mutually respectful and loving relationship. This show is an example of how a group of people could have the best intentions and still be labeled “strange” by others but that makes me love the show even more.

12. The Jeffersons 

When Sherman Hemsley died, it was painful for everyone who loved The Jeffersons. The show was a pioneer in presenting relatable issues that African-Americans faced in the 70’s.

They were able to do this because of Hemsley’s unbelievably honest character and his commentary on the issues that his community faced. This permanently changed American television while making it a beloved classic.

Its resonance within American society then opened doors for African-American actors.

13. Laverne and Shirley

Laverne and Shirley is another timeless classic that earned its spot because of its fearless female comedy. It was full of intelligent bawdiness.

The women were sometimes in wacky clothing choices. It was unexpected for its time and that’s what made it so great. Females who don’t fit the mold could relate to their characters.

14. Good Times

This show’s family was the opposite of The Jeffersons. They were a struggling family living in Chicago’s projects.

However dark that maybe as a topic, they had help from wacky neighbors. This is a nice variation from The Jeffersons. It manages to present relatable themes in a more comedic light for it to be accepted by viewers. 

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15. Beverly Hillbillies

This joke’s humor is based on one prolonged joke. American humor is often about what our ideals are and the unmatching realities of life.

This show is dependent on the fact that we neurotically seek perfection while spouting out that we’re all created equal.

You see the balancing act being examined in the show due to the fact that once impoverished characters are placed in a wealthy environment. Once placed in this environment, they struggle to adapt.

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