How Saturn Moving Into Capricorn Will Affect Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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Saturn moves into Capricorn
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It’s time to leave the past behind and start building the steps into the future.

On December 19th, Saturn moves into Capricorn, the sign of the mountain goat, and will finally be leaving the sign of Sagittarius. This has been an extremely slow transit as it began back in December of 2014, so think back to your life then as to compared to now and it will evident which lessons Saturn was successful in teaching you.

Saturn is one of our larger planets, meaning that the transits through each sign last significantly longer than smaller ones in comparison to Mercury or Mars which averages in weeks rather than years.

This means that when Saturn camps out in a particular house, it means business and the change that he is going to bring is also unavoidable.

Sagittarius is all about freedom and expansion, so when having Saturn — the planet of rules, boundaries and conformity — in it for the past three years has provided ample frustration at why things just never seemed to move ahead when we thought they should.

It was almost like the two steps forward and then three back, or like being pushed down by our big sister after just learning to walk. Either way, it’s been rough, and it’s been difficult to remain positive about where we are headed not knowing if we’re actually ever going to get there.

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The thing about Saturn is it likes its safe zone; almost as if its rings are preventing anything from getting out or in, and so in Sagittarius, it was very much opposing energy which left us feeling like we were perpetually engaging in a game of push and pull, even if we didn’t know what or whom we were playing against.

But the energy will begin to shift and we won’t be feeling torn or frustrated any longer; if anything, it’s going to suddenly seem as if we’ve come so much further than we had previously believed.

No transit is about overnight results, and especially not with a big planet like this that takes his time moving. But there will be a marked difference in how not only we perceive things but also how effective we end up being able to manage them.

The really beautiful thing about Capricorn is that he likes to build slowly from the ground up, and he likes to take his time climbing to the top. Saturn is going to make sure that we build from the ground up, that we take our time, and that we do it right.

It’s not going to feel frustrating or even that we’re going slow, because there will be progress, sometimes significant, at other times smaller, but it will still be apparent that we are moving forward. And for those of us who have felt stuck over the past couple of years, when Saturn moves into Capricorn, it’s going to be a welcome relief to realize the elevator doors have finally opened and we can get off.

The other helpful aspect is that Saturn is at home in Capricorn, meaning that the positive aspects of both will be magnified, so this is the time truly to think about what it is you want to accomplish in the coming years and be prepared to actually see them come to fruition.

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Saturn doesn’t give any free rides, though, but it’s also not going to be that “am I just banging my head against the wall” type of energy that was so prevalent while in Sagittarius. It’s more like, "Okay you put in the time and I’ll make sure things turn out just fine." There’s a reciprocity to how Saturn likes to work things, which means that he likes to see effort.

We can’t just sit around praying over our crystals and hope that business will take off, or that Mr. Perfect will come waltzing to our door asking for a date. We actually have to work for what we want, and whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we actually already have been.

Even though Saturn wasn’t at home in Sagittarius, we still got a lot accomplished, more than we can even conceive of at the moment, but only because we’re still stuck in the mindset that it has to be difficult and that we have to struggle for whatever it is we want.

Capricorn is going to come and change all that, quite dramatically. We are going to be climbing together; there’s not going to be as many setbacks or veils of disillusionment that need to be lifted. 

In fact, Saturn likes exactly where he has us — on the path to our dreams. Coupling all of the other really strong astrology this month indicates that we’re going to hit the ground running for the last few weeks of 2017.

We have come so far since last year, especially in terms of knowing ourselves and our relationships. It hasn’t been easy, but even the hard parts have been beautiful because it was all about getting not only closer to ourselves but also to feeling like finally we were on the right path.

This little bit of Capricorn energy coming in mid-month is going to have us all reflecting about where we want to end our year, and with whom. Beginnings matter, not because they are done perfectly but because it’s the start of not knowing where we’ll end up.

But endings are special too, because it means we’ve arrived, even if it’s just a beginning masked as a finish line. The best relationships have no end. There is something different about deciding who we want to end our year with because it represents what we’ve learned during the past year, and also what we are hoping to build over the course of the next couple years.

So maybe we can’t suddenly jump three spaces and pass go overnight, but we can pause and reflect on just how far we’ve come. 

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