How The New Moon In Sagittarius Will Affect Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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new moon in Sagittarius
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There's no better time than now to begin.

On Monday, December 18th, we will all feel that energy to step forward into our new beginning. Being that the new moon in Sagittarius is last new moon of 2017, we are going to be challenged to step through our healing and see things not as we always have, but rather for what they are now and what they will be transitioning to in the future.

During the third week of December, all of astrology is being activated by the Galactic Center, which is literally a focused point of energy that the Milky Way revolves around. Because of this, astrology during this period will be activated and will be more potent and strongly felt.

This also means that anything started during this time also has the favor of the universe behind it.

It may seem counterintuitive that during the last month of the year we will be called to take those steps toward a new beginning, but in truth, anything that is coming to fruition now has been a long time coming. Nothing that occurs this month is rash or unpredictable; in fact, it’s really just the entire behind the scenes work coming into the light.

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New moons are traditionally a time for new beginnings, and it’s when the seeds of projects and desires can be planted. And the new moon in Sagittarius is no different. There is also something incredibly auspicious about the last new moon of the year, especially one with as much congruent astrology as this one.

Right now, our sun is in Sagittarius as is Venus, the planet of love. Mercury turned retrograde in Sagittarius and now we will have our new moon here as well.

A new moon in Sagittarius is the perfect placement for this end of the year event because if there is one sign that likes to strike out on their own and start a new beginning, its Sagittarius.

With so many signs in Sagittarius, not only are we being asked to actively manifest our new beginning, but we are also being set up to truly strike out on our own in search of our authentic independence and freedom. Often times, Sags are seen as impulsive and desire-driven but in truth, they are also quite pragmatic and introspective thinkers. They like to evaluate each side of the situation and to feel like they are making the best possible choice.

With the majority of our active planets in this sign, it means that we will not only be impassioned to strike out from the commonplace, but also to do so with confidence because we are positive about which life direction we should pursue.

These lessons now are hard fought for despite how obvious and easy the answers seem. Perhaps some of us battled for this knowledge over the past year, or maybe it was a year-long endeavor to our true core so that we could determine not only who we are but also what kind of life fits us best.

At the time of the new moon, Saturn will be getting ready to leave this sign after a four-year stay in which he broke apart everything that wasn’t working so he could rebuild what would actually last and be of benefit for us. During this time, we were challenged by our social parameters, how we viewed ourselves and, ultimately, what type of life we were settling for, and if it was in fact the same one that we were meant to live.

While all of this has already been learned, this new moon is one last jaunt towards our inner self, possibly to say goodbye to those situations or people that will not be traveling with us as we move forward. Nothing new will be learned with this moon, but new actions will follow, especially as Saturn moves into Capricorn soon after and we will be thinking more about what we plan to build (and with whom).

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The reality is that the future is here and is constantly arriving each minute. Often times, it seems as if we talk about the future as a faraway place in which suddenly everything we’ve always wanted will have miraculously manifested in front of our eyes. But the truth is it's work and it’s based on daily small decisions.

The future is also relative because it’s just as much within a few minutes as it is a few years, and anything worth having or dreaming of is worth pursuing now, not just in some random ambiguous time frame.

This perhaps is one of the messages that Sagittarius wants us most to grasp: that the time to begin, quite simply, is now.

We can talk about starting over or a new beginning, but none of that actually matters until we make the choice to take a deep breath and step forward into the unknown. How does this translates for us? During this moon we will see even more engagements or the exchange of commitment rings along with other life-changing announcements.

Simply put, we are receiving the energy — not that it’s now or never, but why wait for the future to start when we can make it happen today?

Although there will be many relationship and personal changes occurring in the coming weeks, it’s also a time for those who are single to really step into what it means be comfortable being on your own.

Sagittarius is independent, and as much as they love love, they know that it can’t come at the expense of their freedom. So during this time, reflect on what it means to be alone versus lonely, and how you view being in a relationship as compared to being single.

Many times, we still place a negative connotation on not being in a relationship, and it’s that very reluctance to being by ourselves that prevents us from entering into a relationship with someone else. 

Life is changing quickly and whether or not it’s knocking on your door yet or not, nothing is meant to stay the same forever. We just have to choose when we want the future to begin.

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