How The December 2017 Mercury Retrograde Affects Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks

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How December 2017 Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius Affects Your Love Life In The Next Few Weeks
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New beginnings don’t just happen, you have to create them.

On Saturday, December 2, 2017, we will experience Mercury in Retrograde in Sagittarius. When a planet turns retrograde, it means that it appears to move backwards in the sky, although it’s really just that it slows rotation.

Mercury Retrogrades affect us deeply because it’s a time of slowing down and turning inward. Those moments in time are when we are asked to pause and reflect before beginning a new chapter in our lives. There is no better time for this type of review than at the end of this year.

While 2017 was set to be a year of beginnings, for so many, it still seemed that we were clearing up the old and figuring out what we exactly had learned so that we could determine where we wanted to be in the future. It wasn’t always easy, and it seems that heartache and confusion abounded around every corner the past year. But all of that began to shift around the time of the eclipses in August.

Now that a few months have passed and we’re more readily able to see the meaning behind our thoughts and the intention behind our actions, we are clearer — not only about where we want our life to go, but also about what needs to still be tied up. And this is precisely what this Mercury retrograde has in store for us.

To tie up loose ends isn’t always easy. Sometimes, in order to tie up those lose ends we need to first unearth the meaning and the feelings behind them. We need to be willing to let ourselves be ripped open so that we might be able to heal in a new way.

Sagittarius is the big expansive sign of freedom and spirituality. It doesn’t know how to play small or by the rules or to do what it is supposed to for the comfort of others. The only thing that this sign does know how to do is get bigger, wider and freer as time goes on.  

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To have Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius means that we’re not going to be sitting around in the dark crying over our past mistakes this time around. We may have to rip a few band-aids off and jump over a proverbial cliff or two, but ultimately, what we’re readying ourselves for is our growth, not our smallness or our sorrows.

The truth is if we have been willing to do the work, then this retrograde period is actually a time for one last look over our shoulder at the way our lives have been. This isn’t always a negative thing; whether or not we want to always say goodbye, we can’t truly move forward in this life until we reflect on all that has brought us to this place.

To look at our lives as a map of beautiful chaos means that had one thing been different, it may have changed the entire direction or landscape of where we currently are. Sometimes, one small choice — to say yes, to go out to a dinner, to make that call, or to send that message — can affect the rest of our lives.

Usually, new beginnings are put on hold during retrograde periods, but in reality, it’s only for those things that truly hadn’t begun prior to the turning of the planet. So, if you suddenly find yourself meeting someone and being pulled into a whirlwind romance, take a step back until the end of the month just to give yourself some breathing room and time to see what is true.

On the other hand, if it’s been a situation that has been in play for some time and it progresses quickly over the next few weeks, it’s just the universe on autocorrect. Sometimes, these quiet moments of the planets review and realign what always should have been, or they simply press play on a situation that has been paused for far too long.

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Often, we can see situations or people from the past come back into our lives, but that only occurs if we didn’t tie up the loose ends at that time. Regardless of our choices, we will still be drawn back to precisely where we are supposed to be. In life, we often come to love as much in spite of ourselves because of the choices that we’ve made.

The holiday season is a busy time for so many, yet it’s also a time when our priorities crystallize within our consciousness, where we find ourselves drawn to that which matter most to us. And so, perhaps there are loose ends that need to be tied up, but maybe it’s just a new beginning waiting to form.

In life we all have choices regarding which opportunities we seize and which we pass on. At times, it seems we pretend that we don’t always have a choice, and maybe the truth is we don’t, at least not to those that have been designed by the gods and cared for tenderly by fate.

But even in those situations, we still exercise free will and we sometimes make the choices we think are right only to discover down the road that we only took a detour from a choice we tried to not make.

Mercury retrogrades have a tendency to set us down on the path that we are meant to be on, whether it’s about finishing up our past, starting that new beginning, or even just relaxing into where we are supposed to be in this life. It’s all about a plan that is greater than we can conceive of.

We only have a few more weeks of 2017 left, and while the details haven’t yet been sorted out, there is no doubt that not only will it go out with a bang, but that somehow all of the twists and turns will finally begin to make sense. 

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