The Top 10 Details Your Sex Partner Tells Friends About What You're Like In Bed

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Intimate Details About Sex Americans Like Talking About With Friends

By Anka Radakovich

A new study has revealed that 76 percent of Americans make it a regular practice to blab to their friends about the all of intimate details of their sex lives. So pass the megaphone, because that means your partner’s friends know way more embarrassing things about you than you may have previously thought they did.

In their "Talking Sex" study, the penetrating minds over at online sex toy retailer Eden Fantasys conducted a survey in which they asked approximately 2,000 people whether or not there is “such thing as privacy in the bedroom?"

And the answer is... apparently not.

The survey found that most people spend nearly “four hours a month talking about their sex lives in some way.”

In addition, the average respondent self-reports that they speak regularly with at least “three separate people about the sex life they share with their current partner.” 

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Yes, that means at that least three of your partner's friends have heard some extremely intimate information about you. 

If you're being honest, you're probably even be guilty of yapping about your partner yourself. I know I am. Like the time I told all of my girlfriends that my guy’s monster penis was so huge I practically needed a shoehorn to get it in there.

Most people talk to their friends about their sex lives in person, followed by on the phone, via text message — “I gave him a blowjob that was so intense my jaw still hurts!” — and finally, “over a few drinks.” And 75 percent of respondents said their opinion of their friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend changed, for better or for worse, after hearing those intimate, dishy details.

The topic of conversation considered to be the most embarrassing, at 21 percent, was the complaints “to friends about the size or tightness of their current partner’s genitals.” 

I have to agree that this makes sense. Just try walking into a room with at least three people who know exactly what’s going on with your business downstairs, and whether or not your partner is happy about it. Not fun, to say the least. 

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So, what do people love discussing with their friends the most?

These are the ten most common intimate details American men and women to tell their friends about their sex lives.

1. “Whether I was satisfied”

2. “The setting of the encounter (Sofa, bedroom, etc.)"

3. “How long the encounter lasted"

4. “Who made the first move”

5.“Things they did to turn you on”

6. “Whether I was dissatisfied”

7. “Positions used”

8. “Things I wished we’d done”

9. “Type of foreplay incorporated.”

10. “Embarrassing moments (passing gas, bump heads, etc.)”

The most interesting take-away from all of the results, in my opinion, is that three-quarters of the U.S. population seems to have no problem talking about their sex lives with others. I just hope this means the majority of people have started discussing their sex lives more frequently with the people they are having sex with as well!

Of course, I also now I know why my ex-boyfriend’s best friend kept making onion ring jokes over Thanksgiving dinner last year. I'd bought onion rings and tried a doing a super fun “onion ring toss” on my boyfriends’s penis... then ate them off.

Thanks for sharing. 

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