An Insider Claims Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Headed For Divorce Due To His Mental Breakdown And Secret Drug Use

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Divorce Rumors

A rep denies the claims, but an insider says Kim K is ready to move on.

Say it ain't so Kimye! One of Hollywood's most infamous couples is heading for divorce, according to a new report. 

Kim Kardashian, 37, is ready to "move on with her life," and will be filing for divorce from Kanye West, 40, before the birth of third child via surrogate, Hollywood Life reports. Their already rocky relationship apparently took a turn for the worst after West was hospitalized in 2016 from suffering from a mental breakdown. 

Upon his release, he allegedly claimed he felt "spied on" by Kardashian, causing him to become distant. 

“Kanye will go days without talking to her," the insider said. "He’s hot and he’s cold. Even their sex life isn’t what it used to be.”

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The rapper has also allegdly been hiding "dark secrets" that only his reality TV star wife knows about. When he was hospitalized, he told Kardashian about his alleged drug use of liquid and traditional marijuana among other substances.

Kanye drug claims were also made by an insurance company after his Life of Pablo tour was cancelled.

Kardashian's rep said the divorce rumors were "absolutely false" but rumors still persist that West doesn't trust anyone. He and Kardashian have been fighting over him spending too much time away from her and their two kids, North, 4, and Saint, 1. 

"Kim was hoping this baby would bring them closer, but it hasn’t,” the source said.  

Recently the couple went to Utah for Kardashian's birthday, and sources say the trip was a "bust" because she was bored the entire time. West, however, loved it. 

“She’s tired and she’s done with this marriage,” the insider says. “Kanye makes it very difficult for her. She loves being a mother, but she wants it all and Kanye can’t give that to her… Kim definitely wants out of the marriage.” 

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Yep, sources say that even with the new baby — or maybe even babies — Kardashian is ready to move on. 

Neither Kardashian or West have addressed the divorce rumors, and Kardashian hasn't posted anything hinted at a split on her social media accounts.

West deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts earlier this year. 

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