4 Ways To Get Her In The Mood (That Actually Work!)


Rejection hurts, but it may not be as personal as you think.

The word “mood” means a state of mind, and if you want to turn your lady’s body on, then you’re going to need to turn off her mind.

Yes, turn off her mind! 

So just how exactly can a man get a woman into the mood along with him? What can you do that you haven’t already tried when your wife doesn't want sex as often as she used to? 

In the YourTango Experts video above, Intimacy Coach Amy Color says men and women are different creatures in many regards — including when it comes to getting intimate with each other.

While men might be visual creatures, women require the ability to “quiet” their thoughts in order to be able to relax enough to let themselves enjoy the moment. So guys are going to have to think outside of the norm to get her in the mood and do things a little differently.

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Instead of just telling her you want to have sex, try and initiate slowly, go about it with care, and really let yourselves both be calmed and relaxed into a more intimate mood.

Here are 4 tips for how you can get her in the mood (that are guaranteed to work!):

1. Stop the grind.

Many men think that letting their partners know that they are ready for sex is a good enough indicator that sex should happen. But as Amy Color says, it’s important to find out what really turns your spouse or partner on. Don’t just grind your hips and tell her you’re in the mood — find out what makes her get in the mood as well.

Otherwise, you risk her being turned off and rejecting the suggestion.

2. Set the stage.

Clear the bedroom of obstructions, distractions, or anything that will cause the two of you to focus on something other than each other. Turn the lights down low, maybe add some candles and chocolate, or even a few of her favorite toys.

This, Color says, will help your woman understand that there’s been a “state change” the minute she enters the room. And you’ll likely get some serious brownie points to boot, you thoughtful guy, you!

3. Try the slow hug.

Before you dive right in, remember to keep your eye on romance and take it slow.

Hold each other in a good hug for three full breaths. Slowing your touch down will help you both calm down and explore each other’s bodies in a deliberate form and help ease your minds, too.

4. Say her name.

According to Color, anticipation is a woman’s favorite aphrodisiac.

And everyone wants to hear their name on their lover’s lips. So say her name, gently, about three times, very slowly.

You can even start earlier by calling and talking to her on the phone, saying her name and getting her looking forward to being intimate with you before you even see her. This is bound to get her excited for the evening to come!

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Whether you experience this or any other sexual issue, Amy Color would love to hear from you and to offer her help. You can contact her here.