Your Zodiac Sign's LOVE Tarot Card Horoscope For Week Of October 29 To November 4, 2017

weekly love tarot card horoscope reading for October 29 to November 4th, 2017
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This is the karma of your life!

Karma is not a b*tch. It’s the cosmic settler of scores. But what is the karmic lesson you are here to learn in this life? The lesson that is responsible for everything that destiny brings to your doorstep. And how do you overcome it?

That’s what we are going to discuss in your weekly love tarot card horoscope reading for October 29 to November 4th, 2017. You will learn the karmic challenge of your life based on your zodiac sign and the way through which you can overcome it.

Are you ready to know this secret? Then dive in to your weekly tarot card horoscope!

ARIES: 6 of Swords + 2 of Wands

The challenge you face, Aries, is the challenge of fear. The fear of exploring the unknown. Of going deep within and facing your shadow. Of examining ideas in depth before you jump in head-first.

But this fear does not make you a coward. Because the truth is, brave are those who take action despite their fears. Who commit to their projects and see it through until the end, regardless of the troubles and hardships they face in between. The ones who have the courage to take a stand and establish themselves as the leader of their domain.

Is the path going to be easy? Absolutely not. The path of the brave seldom is. But that’s exactly how you can overcome your karmic debt. By tempering your fiery passion with earthy discipline and resolve. Remember: The strongest steel is produced in the hottest fire.

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TAURUS: Prince of Pentacles + 7 of Wands

Taurus, the karmic challenge you face is the challenge of complacency. Of being too rooted in your ways and being too attached to your comforts.

Unfortunately, every problem in life cannot be bought off or paid away. Sometimes all you can do is roll up your sleeves, pick up the baseball bat, and beat back all the troubles swarming in through the door.

So stand up and stop being lazy! If you want to defend your position (at work or at play), then you need to learn to fight back.

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GEMINI: 9 of Swords + Reversed 4 of Cups

You know what your problem is, Gemini? You think too much! Too damn much. But what has it ever gotten you? Only sleepless nights, that’s what. And a brain bursting at the seams with stress.

That’s your karmic challenge. The challenge of overthinking. Of letting go of opportunities because you got too caught up in analysis-paralysis. It’s time to stop.

Stop thinking so damn much. Want to make something happen? Then grab opportunities when they come knocking on your door. Don’t fret over useless details. Things usually fall into place once you start.

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CANCER: Princess of Swords + King of Swords

Has anyone ever called you emotional, Cancer? I bet they did. And while expressing your emotions is a good thing, expressing too much simply turns you into a non-functional swamp of sorrows and anxiety. So take a step back.

Your challenge is the inability to stand up for your beliefs. Maybe you are too scared. Or too emotionally pliable. Or too giving. Whatever the reason may be, you need to stop.

You will never be a balanced individual until the day you learn to analyze through your head. Because a healthy individual knows how to think through her head just as well as she can feel through her heart. So don that shrewd hat and sharpen your mind. Remember: You need to see the forest and the trees.

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LEO: 10 of Cups + Reversed Prince of Cups

My dear Leo, the karmic challenge you face in this life is the challenge of extreme idealism. You want to be happy. To find people who will appreciate your creativity and fill your heart with happiness. To be in love always. Unfortunately, life doesn't function that way. And that’s the message of the Reversed Prince of Cups.

Don’t let your idealism stop you from experiencing all the beauty that surrounds you. Perfection is an ideal to aim for. Just remember that ideals are only achieved through hard work and the willingness to improve.

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VIRGO: 4 of Wands + Reversed Princess of Cups

The karmic challenge you face, Virgo, is the quest for an ideal bond in life. A partner who will be on the same page as you always. The one who will make life seem easy, whether in routine or at play. But to achieve this, you need to first learn to live for yourself.

Live for your dreams. Make yourself your number one priority. Because when you do, you will sooner or later find yourself walking your path with another just like you by your side. But it all starts with focusing on yourself first.

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LIBRA: 6 of Cups + Reversed 9 of Pentacles

You desire love and camaraderie in life, Libra. Friendship, love, and companionship. And you want to lose yourself in such a relationship. But that is the karmic challenge you face.

Don’t identify yourself and judge your worth based on who is by your side. That is a terrible thing to do. Instead, look within and realize that you are an independent woman who can survive perfectly on her own. Because once you own that part of yourself, friendship, love, and companionship will find its way to you.

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SCORPIO: Emperor + Reversed 2 of Cups

The challenge you face, Scorpio, is your intense need to be the top player in the food chain. You crave power like we crave oxygen. Maybe that’s why people often call you a control freak or a possessive girlfriend.

But that’s not the right path for you. Because the truth is, the only way you can overcome your karmic challenge is by learning to be a part of a team. By sharing your resources and your strengths. By knowing that your teammate has an equal say in the matters of life and love.

Remember: Trying to control others will not get you too far in life. Because the only person you can truly control is your own self.

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SAGITTARIUS: 6 of Pentacles + Reversed Ace of Wands

You have a happy-go-lucky, optimistic, foot-in-the-mouth personality, Sagittarius. Plus, you are super-lucky! At least most of the time. Maybe that’s why you waltz through life like every problem of yours will take care of itself or be taken care of by another.

That’s the karmic challenge you face, Sagittarius. And the way you can overcome it is by inspiring others to do great things in life. How? By teaching them, of course!

If that sounds like advice you have heard too often in life, then guess what? That’s just life’s way of reminding you again and again what you are truly here to do on this planet. So go and touch some minds and hearts!

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CAPRICORN: 8 of Pentacles + 4 of Swords

Capricorn, career usually comes first. Maybe that’s why you are a workaholic who toils away day and night at work, trying to master something or the other. And that’s exactly the karmic challenge you face.

The truth is, pushing yourself too hard without a break is the surest way to burning out one day and ending up hospitalized. So give yourself a break. Take those much-needed naps and vacations. You are a human being, not a machine. So respect your body just the way you respect your mind.

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AQUARIUS: Princess of Pentacles + 9 of Cups

You are very cerebral, Aquarius. You live in your eccentric world of revolutionary ideas and dreams and are often hyper-critical of everything around you. But that’s not a healthy way to live.

The fact is, if you want to overcome the karmic challenge of your life, you will have to connect with the material part of living and learn to be emotionally happy and satisfied. Will it be difficult? Oh yes. After all, it’s difficult to change a critical individual to an appreciative one.

But once you do learn to do that, you will find that this world is a lot less about problems and a lot more about solutions staring us right in the eye.

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PISCES: King of Cups + King of Pentacles

The karmic challenge you face, Pisces, is the challenge of emotional excesses. You are quite dreamy and live in your fantasy land. But if you want to anchor yourself to this world, then you will need to learn to be a king of the material world as well. After all, how will you manage to fuel your dreams if you have an empty wallet and a hungry belly?

The truth, Pisces, is that to master your emotions and lead with it, you need to first master the material world.

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