Your Zodiac Sign's LOVE Tarot Card Reading For Week Of October 22 - 28, 2017

weekly love tarot card horoscope reading for October 22 to 28, 2017
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Time to find your soulmate...

Do you feel a void inside your heart? A void that you know nothing and no one can fill but the one who is truly meant for you? Your ideal match. The mate of your soul.

Do you often fantasize meeting the one in a crowded marketplace or a cozy cafe tucked in the heart of a foreign city? Do you dream of meeting their eyes across the room and feeling a bond of recognition spear through your heart?

Do you? I did too. But it did not matter much when I found him. Why? Because the logical part of my brain was too quick to dismiss it as just an episode of lust, even though deep inside I knew that I had never been struck stupid in my tracks the way I was struck that day.

So if you want to avoid all that drama and instead know the exact way you can find your soulmate, then read on because in your weekly love tarot card horoscope reading for October 22 to 28, 2017, I will reveal how you can find him (or her), all based on your zodiac sign.

ARIES: 3 of Wands

Often times when our soulmate takes too long to show up in our life, we end up wondering if he (or she) is actually the resident of another country. Maybe the stars were crossed when we were born and that’s why we live in one part of the world while they live in another.

Well, Aries, in your case that might actually be true. The 3 of Wands is a card of exploration. The woman who has established herself as a leader in her field but who must now look overseas to spread her influence and find new opportunities. And in love, you must do the same.

So pack your bags and book that vacation you have always wanted to go on. Explore the seven seas. And one day, you may just happen to see the one sipping a cup of coffee in a cafe tucked in the non-touristy lanes of a foreign land. Or maybe basking in a patch of sunlight in a town just a few hundred miles away.

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TAURUS: 4 of Swords

The 4 of Swords is a card that beckons you to set down your sorrows and take the much-needed rest or vacation. That means, Taurus, you need to stop looking for the one and take a break for now. The hands of fate will swing your way soon. But not anytime soon.

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GEMINI: 8 of Cups

My dear Gemini, do you ever feel like you are two people living inside the same body? As if the twin signature of your zodiac sign has not been bestowed upon you by mere chance? If you feel that way, then you are on the right track.

The 8 of Cups is a sabbatical card. It shows a mermaid who has given up her golden cups and is now swimming deeper into the heart of the ocean. And that is the message of the Tarot for you.

Let go of your dreams and fantasies about your soulmate, and instead turn your focus inward. Dive into the depths of your psyche and meet your shadow, if you dare. The shadow who is the personification of everything that you have rejected about yourself.

Meet your shadow and make peace with it, Gemini. How will you know your soulmate if you don’t even know yourself?

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CANCER: 5 of Cups

You loved him (or her) with everything you had inside of you. You gave them your soul. Shared with them secrets you have never shared before. And they still chose to leave you by the wayside and move on.

Do you feel like you can never love again, Cancer? Like the wound you carry with such tenderness in your heart is so terrible that you cannot imagine opening yourself up to another person that way ever again?

Unfortunately, Cancer, that’s just life. We love, we lose, and then we learn to love again. It’s nothing but destiny’s way of testing our soul’s worth.

So let go of this lost love, Cancer. Wishful thinking will not return to you what was never yours in the first place. Let it go. Because once you do you will realize that you still have some cards left in your hand. The game isn’t over. You just need to be willing to play.

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LEO: 2 of Wands

Leo, you were born under the sign of the Sun. The symbol of the leader. The king of the jungle. And that’s exactly what you need to embrace to find your soulmate.

So learn to be the leader you were always born to be. Be the queen you know you are. Because once you establish yourself as the alpha of the pack, your soulmate will find his (or her) way to you. After all, how can they miss you when you stand so tall above everyone else?

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VIRGO: Ace of Swords

Want to find your soulmate, Virgo? Then know your truth and stand up for it. Because when you do that, you will attract your tribe to you. The people who stand for the same truth as you do. And one of them will be your soulmate.

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LIBRA: 8 of Wands

You know what you want, Libra, and you are vocal about it. Good for you! Now keep going. Because if you want to find your soulmate you need to be willing to search under every rock and send out feelers in every nook and cranny.

If that means trying out online dating portals, then try them out. If that means going on a backpacking tour around the world, then give it a go. Just keep that hope alive in your heart and keep looking. Because when you want something badly enough, the entire universe conspires to bring it to you.

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SCORPIO: 10 of Pentacles

What does it feel like standing at the top of the world? Being the most powerful piece on the chessboard? Having everything you have ever desired?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, then you need to make it happen, Scorpio. Because the only way you will find your soulmate is when you feel as if you have it all.

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You are a passionate creature, Sagittarius. Honest, blunt, funny, and passionate. And that’s how you will find your soulmate too.

So turn up that light that naturally emanates from your being. The light that is equal parts honesty and equal parts courage. Because when you do that, your soulmate will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame. After all, like attracts like when it comes to the matters of the heart.

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CAPRICORN: 2 of Swords

Your mind is your greatest asset and your greatest liability, Capricorn. Why else would you think love to death?

The 2 of Swords is a card of confusion. Two opposite paths warring for dominance in the mind and neither succeeding in achieving it. One path is the path of logic. The other is the path of the heart. What should you do?

Take my advice and put down your swords. You don’t need to overthink everything to its nuts and bolts. Love does not work that way. Because once you do that and once you lower your guard, you will realize that your soulmate has always been right before your eyes.

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The scales of karma always balance out in the end. And justice is always served cold and precise. What have you been up to, Aquarius? Have you been breaking hearts left, right, and center? Or have you tried to stay just and unbiased towards people and circumstances?

Because if it’s the former, you will need to wait until the scales are settled before you can meet the one. But if you have been the latter, then you just need to be patient for a little while longer.

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PISCES: Page of Cups

Dreams are powerful. They show us where we want to go. But dreaming always and not putting it in action is the surest way to failure.

So dream, Pisces. Dream those big dreams. See your soulmate as clear as day in the eyes of your mind. Picture them as if they are right by your side. Imagine the way their words would sound in your ears, their touch would light up your body, and their eyes would reach within and hold your soul.

Imagine and then go put it into action, Pisces. Live as if your soulmate is already by your side. The Universe does not answer wishful thinking. But it does answer dreams that feel so real that they almost are.

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Valeria Black is an author and Tarot reader known for her in-depth psychological analyses. You can connect with her on Twitter @ValerieRBlack.