Police Release New Details About How Kenneka Jenkins Really Died In That Hotel Freezer

Photo: NY Daily News
Kenneka Jenkins

And they finally respond to the conspiracy theories and rumors individually.

The death of Kenneka Jenkins has puzzled the minds of Chicago police and internet sleuths since her body was discovered in the freezer of the Crowne Plaza O'Hare Hotel Sept. 10. 

Theories of how the 19-year-old went from a party with tons of her friends to alone and dead in an unused freezer after being missing for over 24 hours have plagued the internet for months. Police are finally releasing more details on how Jenkins died, which might put some of those stories to rest. 

According to the Cook County Medical Examiner's office, she died of hypothermia with alcohol intoxication and a drug used for treating epilepsy and migraines as "significant contributing factors."

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Police determined through interviews with Jenkins' friends and other people who attended the party in Room 926 that the teen drank heavily and then wandered off in the hotel after her friends left her in the hallway for 10 to 15 minutes so they could retrieve her keys and cellphone. 

Police documents show how they searched through all the different theories presented online, including one made by an anonymous caller the day after Jenkins murder. 

A woman said she saw the teen at the party and claimed one of her friends was involved in a "blood gang" and accepted a $200 payment for her death. That same amount can supposedly be heard in a Facebook Life video. 

When police asked Jenkins' friend about that claim, they said the teen was concerned about a $200 fine she might get since they didn't have a ticket to park in the hotel's lot. 

The friend also said the "help me" sound people claimed was Jenkins in the Facebook Live video is actually from a Chief Keef song that was playing in the background. 

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A couple of Jenkins' friends said they received death threats from people who believed they played a role in her death. 

The report also said that Jenkins was found lying face down on her side with one shoe off. She didn't have any signs of trauma other than a small cut on her foot. 

The temperature of the freezer was 33 degrees, according to police, and the doors were self-closing and latched shut. The doors couldn't be opened unless someone pushed a white circular handle to release the hatch. 

Police documents also revealed that Jenkins' mother declined a police request to have her daughter's cell phone analyzed. 

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