How Men Can Last Longer In Bed

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how men can last longer longer in bed

12 ways to hold off for her pleasure.

Learning how to last longer in bed is something people want for many different reasons. For some guys, it may be a self-improvement goal; for others, it may represent a real medical challenge (hint: a quick checkup never hurts).

And there's a lot that we can do to help them get there. One is that they can do Kegels, just like women. This helps to build control but also strengthens muscles down there. And while they are working on muscles, increasing exercise is a great way to have better endurance and stamina.

Health checks are always important because there's a lot of physical reasons men may have problems lasting in bed. But there can also be mental or emotional ones, so it's always good to decompress and deal with the stress that may be standing in the way. Relaxing and having fun is always a good way to get things going.

No matter what your reason is, here are a few things you can do to hold off on that orgasm a little longer.

1. Do Kegel exercises.

"They’re not just for women, you know. The same muscles you flex to stop peeing are also responsible for ejaculatory control. Making a Kegel workout and doing it daily can do wonders for sexual stamina," says sexologist and host of the Sex With Emily Podcast, Emily Morse.

2. Work out more often.

Workout your pelvis, butt, and lower back!

"I actually did an awesome workout video called 'Better Sex: Quickie Workout in Bed to Improve Libido,'" says dating and empowerment coach Laurel House. You can also sign up for a yoga class or take classes online. "Yoga is more than a flexibility-making ohm session. Certain yoga positions, like the Eagle pose, direct blood flow to your pelvis, creating a warm and relaxed sensation, increasing arousal."

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3. Eat kale.

Kale is the ultimate sex mineral. "Kale is high in the libido-lifting sexy mineral, helping to turn you on and get you in the mood. Why the high sex drive? By blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen, zinc increases testosterone levels in the body which, yes, is also a very good thing when it comes to the sex drive of women too," advises House.

You know what else is high in zinc? Oysters. Exactly.

4. Eat garlic.

Make sure you have breath mints ready, but garlic contains a nutrient called allicin, which helps to increase blood flow everywhere, including the sex organs.

"When ingested by a man, garlic increases the body’s nitric oxide production, an essential component to a healthy erection. Which might be why after a hot date to an Italian restaurant you’re even more turned on," says House.

5. Take your vitamins.

"According to ancient Chinese belief, ants and Cordyceps (a rare mushroom that grows on the body of a caterpillar in the Himalayas) are effective sexual tonics. Ant, known as the 'Herb of Kings,' improves sexual function and increases virility and fertility while easing anxiety and stress (which is often to blame for low sex drive)," says House. 

Up your ante with a few squirts of Bhutanese Wild Cordyceps Drops or Changbai Mountain Ant Drops. Get bugs in a bottle from Dragon Herbs.

6. Accessorize.

"The liberator sex pillow will put her in the perfect bent over or laying back position so that you can stand, kneel, or squat in front of her, allowing for you to be on top in even more and more pleasurable positions," says House.

7. Take L-Arginine.

"According to scientists from the Departments of Urology and Nephrology at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, the amino acid L-Arginine optimizes your production of nitric oxide which increases blood flow in the muscles tissues. I like Rainbow Light Performance Energy for Men because it also has zinc and Spirulina, which support virility," says House. 

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8. Introduce sex toys.

“The average man only lasts around 2 minutes during intercourse before climaxing,” says Lovehoney sexpert Jess Wilde. “To extend your average time, try introducing the EDGE Stamina Sleeve to your daily routine. With a little practice, you can delay ejaculation and maintain control over your orgasms. This technique is called ‘peaking’ and can greatly improve your sexual stamina.”

9. Change your diet.

"Medical experts have proven for years that vegetarians and vegans have twice the stamina of carnivores, so as much as you're in the mood for a mouth-watering filet mignon on your hot date, go for the Chilean sea bass instead," advises celebrity matchmaker and relationship expert Bonnie Winston.

10. Practice edging.

This means stimulating yourself almost to the point of orgasm and stopping, then slowly starting again.

"This allows your mind and body to recognize and eventually control your arousal and release. It’s best to start off while masturbating, but can be an incredibly hot project to try with your partner," says Morse.

11. Use a condom.

"According to 2017 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey, 42 percent of those surveyed reported sex with a condom lasted 30 minutes or longer," Morse says.

12. Double down on foreplay.

"Spending more time on your partner with your hands and mouth will keep the pleasure flowing without the need for as much penetration. Without that pressure to perform, you can free your mind and enjoy the intimacy," Morse advises.​

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